The Word: What A Book Publicist & Experts Taught Me/How I Was Killing My Own Books

Originally, this blog post began as an essay of what I’ve seen others doing wrong with a different title to help others avoid the mistakes, but when I stopped working on it I realized I had made many of these mistakes myself, even recently! I wanted to step back and start over when I became more educated by some professionals in specific fields of the industry. This mentorship of sorts has enlightened me.

The Word began as a writer’s corner/writer’s stories/advice column of sorts to help others learn from my mistakes, give an outlet to fellow authors, share my knowledge, and try to help fellow poets and writers. One thing I’ve talked about the most is growth and being open-minded enough to learn as much as possible. This means I’m on a journey along with everyone else and I want to share what I’ve learned.

The Problem: Promoting too early

My Mistake: I would drop hints, clues, and teasers to create a buzz, but I would start months ahead of release dates. I wanted to create a buzz. I knew I should. This was poor marketing on my part. Which surprised me, I have written about marketing, but I’m not a publicist nor an expert in this field. Give me a photo and ask me if it’s photoshopped I can usually tell or ask me to write a short story, hold my drink, and watch me pound the keys!

What I’ve Learned to Correct This Problem: Promoting too early is a mistake. Months ahead of time is completely too early. 6 weeks ahead of release is the key number I’ve learned from authors and book publicists.

Promoting too early sucks the life out of the book. Any interest for a book will fade by the time it releases. The most active time is the month of and the months after, the peak time is the day of.

The Problem: Giving Up

My Mistake: Self-doubting myself has always been an issue. It’s led to me wanting to give up completely. I felt like a ‘bad writer’ multiple times and wouldn’t work on manuscripts or would force myself to move forward shakily.

What I’ve Learned to Correct This Problem: NEVER give up! Taking care of yourself isn’t giving up. It’s healing yourself to continue the journey. I know I’m not the only writer in the world with worries, concerns, and the ‘bad doubt demons’ whispering. I used to write every day, but over time I stopped doing this.

I’m changing my course and getting back to the good ol’ spooky writer that I am, as I never left just got lost in the mist. I will also say one nice thing about myself every day to pump myself up.

Today’s Self Compliment: I’ve survived so much, I can survive today too.

The Problem: Self-care

My Mistake: Not taking care of myself better. I’ve talked about being creatively burned out before (Read: The Dark side of being ‘Creative on Demand’). I’ve talked about it in interviews. I wasn’t taking care of myself or well enough which ultimately snuffed out my candle. It’s burning the candle at both ends, eventually it’ll met in the middle and be over.

What I’ve Learned to Correct This Problem: The solution was more self-care. Taking a break more than for a little amount of time. Stepping away from projects I’m working on and declining the ones I don’t want to do. I’m no good to anyone if I’m a mess. Never burn the candle at both ends again.

The Problem: Communication

My Mistake: Not communicating enough was a problem I didn’t realize I had. I replied to people, but never really dug deep into things. I never really commented in communities. I’m very aware of my own introverted nature. I don’t enjoy being on camera, don’t like my picture taken, and if you’ve followed me on Facebook, you’ll see even in a recently found older picture of myself I wasn’t happy about it.

What I’ve Learned to Correct This Problem: Though I would join communities around the net, but mainly to watch, but this year has grown to be a full-blown change. I’ve been responding to comments on other website during the Silver Daggers Book Tour, here on WordPress, and more throughout my social media.

Last Chance: Southern Fried Autopsies Will Be Gone Forever!

With the closing of Burning Willow Press (Read: Goodnight Sweet Burning Prince) that didn’t just mean I had to find a new home for my work published through them it also meant I had to make some hard choices.

I’m free to continue doing this anthology. I can continue forward, if I wanted with the SFA brand and create new editions. There was even a conversation between myself and Edd Sowder from BWP about what to do about this project. Ultimately, I chose not to move forward with it anymore and lay it to rest.

With books being removed over the weeks, November 1st marked the last day with all the remaining books to be gone from the shelves until they found new homes. Southern Fried Autopsies isn’t one of them as it’s not going to be re-uploaded anywhere. If you see this after the date, it’s stolen/pirated and it should be reported. I, nor anyone from Burning Willow Press, or anyone that was involved in its creation will republish it.

With all of that said. You can grab paperback and digital copies from Amazon, if you have Kindle Unlimited it’s free.

The Word: Mike Feria Gives A Slice Of Himself To Us!

Where did all of this begin for me, you might ask? Well─ in an unlikely way. When I was a child, my imagination was a wild one, and much to my satisfaction, I’ve managed to keep most of it. Living back in South Florida, we lived in a neighborhood filled with other kids, and we spent the majority of our time outdoors thinking up ways of keeping ourselves entertained. As the years went on, I was the one that most kids wanted to come hang out with, because I always seemed to come up with the best games to play. Video games were still in their infancy, so we weren’t as chained to our television screens as later generations would learn to do.

            Much of my imagination stemmed from watching multitudes of films as a child, and I still remember the first time that I watched Night Of The Living Dead when I was around seven years old. I recall in detail being afraid to look out the windows at night because I was sure that I was going to see a horde of zombies staggering toward our house.

            It wasn’t until my brother and I started going to movie theaters on our own that I realized that storytelling was something that I longed to do, whether it be vocally, visually, or through the written word. Not knowing exactly where or how these movies came to fruition, I assumed for many years that it was the movie directors who wrote them. I never really had a desire to be an actor in film, but a movie director? That’s something I could get behind. Well, as the years went on, those dreams of mine began taking a back seat, but my love for the film never subsided.

            In my adolescence, I began having an affinity toward movies that intentionally dug around inside your head; movies such as Fight Club, Requiem For A Dream, Memento, and Seven. Those types of movies began setting me on a path that I would not take for quite some time, because life and other responsibilities take precedence.

            Fast forward to August 2016, the month I took the plunge into this whole writing life. My stepson accidentally pulled his PS3 off his bedroom dresser in the middle of the night, and that was the death of it. So, instead of fighting him over the PS4 in the living room, I took a step back and allowed him to have it. I retreated to the back of our apartment, opened a word document, and started pounding out words.

            Now, I claim to be a fairly intelligent person, but at the time when I started, I knew very little about the actual craft of writing. While we went through school, we had our assignments and whatnot, but creative writing was one of those things that were more or less water under the bridge. I had no real formal experience in writing, and I really wasn’t that big of a reader either. Also, I wouldn’t consider myself to be too much of a horror buff. I mean, I have watched pretty much all the scary movies over the past twenty-five or thirty years, but I never really saw myself as one who would be defined as a writer in the horror genre.

            The idea started out simple. I work in a creepy old warehouse, which used to be a textile mill in the early to mid-nineteen hundreds. I kept getting these feelings as though something was watching me from the dark spots, which felt like eyes everywhere because much of the warehouse is unlit. Some of my co-workers decided that it would be fun to prank me and began tormenting me with elaborate schemes. They even pulled things overusing the fishing line. Once I found out, I was pretty pissed off, but it also sparked something inside of me; a story that brewed deep down that I knew had to be told. As much as I wanted to punch those guys, I must credit them with getting my cogwheels moving. The rest is history for another day.

            If there’s anything that I learned from writing my first book, Passenger, it was to never be afraid to learn or to seek new information, because there are many techniques and methods to getting a novel completed. When I first started out, I wrote my first five or six chapters without knowing practically anything about creative writing. So, to avoid stepping into a bear trap, I took a walk backward and learn as much as I could about the craft before proceeding again. It ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in all my life. This was also the time when all those years of watching film became more relevant because storylines stay relatively the same across the board, regardless. These movies also helped me learn when to dive and when to pull back because it’s a delicate dance of difficulties.

            Here’s the best advice I can give. There are two enemies with writing or producing anything of emotional or monetary value. One enemy is your distractions. The second enemy is YOU. When you sit down to do your work at the end of a long hard workday, unplug yourself from the social media notifications. I would say to keep your phone as far away from your station as possible. In your browser, the only thing that you should have open is the dictionary. As far as enemy number two goes, give yourself a break, and a much-needed pat on the back. You’re doing something that is dreamt of by millions of people who make millions of excuses for never doing it. Take the time to be proud of yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself, it will be tough getting other people to believe in you. One of my mottos is to be helpful, be humble, and be kind.

            Lastly, within reason, I say that you should be a “yes man.” Have a can-do attitude. If someone asks you for a favor, do your best to be reliable and dependable. Try going out of your way and dip your toes outside of your comfort zone. When the first live show I was ever a part of aired, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, and this thing called anxiety was exploding through the ceiling of my apartment. It terrified me, which is strange because I’m an extrovert. After being on a couple more shows, it was like taking the dog out on a walk, and that feeling of dread was old news. Here’s a quote I heard somewhere, and don’t know who it’s from, but I’ll try to recite it as best I can ─ There is no growth in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in the growth zone. Best of luck to you, and happy writing.

            If you would like to know more about my debut horror novel, Passenger, I will release it in October 2020 with Three Furies Press. I look forward to meeting and talking with each one of you. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about my journey. – Main – Author Page – Twitter – Instagram – WordPress

The Lessons I Learned While Writing: All of My Every Things

I’ve stated before that All of My Every Things has been a healing journey. It’s been one of the more emotionally raw projects I’ve ever worked on, poetry is emotionally raw. The best way I can describe it is as if I’ve opened old wounds and poured salt in them. That is what this book is. The synopsis’ opening line is true.

Here is a list of things I learned throughout finding the poems, collecting them together, and the entire process summed up in one post.

I recorded my journey of creating this book, making it, and the advertising here on my website of it (check out the category log). I have done interviews/podcasts/web shows and talked about how this was painful, but ultimately I knew I wanted to go forward with even the most painful poems I had written because though I wrote some dark things I began also seeing hopeful ones and that very first hopeful poem was when I wanted to move forward.

I could reflect at moments in time, the situations and times that inspired the brief poems, and could even see that I was trying to heal even as far back as 19 years ago. I hadn’t started therapy back then yet, but it was clear to myself I was trying to heal old wounds, newer ones for those times, and move forward.

As previously mentioned, I could remember the very situations that would inspire a snippet here or a snippet there that became poetry. Alot of dark, isolating, and painful experiences for me. I even began crying. I would cry hard when I was alone in the middle of the night. I then would question why I was crying over things that, though hurt, were from so long ago. I eventually realized I needed it. I hadn’t cried over so many things.

I had refused to let myself cry even a single tear for some things I’d went through. I refused to let my abuser or anyone that had hurt me gain even the slightest show of emotion. It would’ve been as if they won, but I realized I needed the tears. The tears weren’t for them, to give to them something, but for me. It was a great release and relief.

I began breathing. I am no longer walking the world as if I’m a husk.

After the revelations and the tears I caught myself doing things differently. I walked taller, not like I was hiding something anymore. I used to use my pain as a shield. I would justify in my hurt mind that if I had been rejected because of this reason or that then I was right… that I was how I felt, damaged goods.

I also saw myself in the bad habits of the ‘what ifs’. I’d self sabotage myself as a protective hazmat suit against the world. I began rewording things, reworking things in my mind and began to feel better. Not better for a little, but for longer and now its permanent.

I call this growth. Some call it spiritual growth and some would call it maturity. I am far from ‘completely healed’. I don’t know if I ever will be that, but I know I’m growing.

I know I’m not alone. The world doesn’t hurt, but the people in it can. These beings can leave scars across our very souls. This book is my scars, my hope, and my healing. I hope those that do read it find something somewhere within its pages for them.

I’m baring my very soul for connections in some of these poems. Know if you’ve survived something traumatic you’re not alone.

Silver Dagger Book Tour Has Begun! You can enter to win an Amazon giftcard!

The title sums it up pretty well. The tour has launched today and you can enter to win a 20 dollar Amazon gift card!

Start the tour now!


Check out the mega post about my poetry book All of my Every Things and near the bottom you can enter to win the gift card! How exciting. 😀

While you’re at it, head on over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy of the poetry book, digitally, for only 99 cents or free with kindle unlimited!

AUTUMN TAG – Are You Ready for Sweater Weather?

After the Nanowrimo 20 Questions Tag I became curious about other tags that might be going on I discovered one called The Autumn Tag on many blogs. I wasn’t tagged, but I’ll tag the blogs I found this tag on. Adventures of a Bibliophile, Perfectly Tolerable, Jenniely, and Papereyedgirl are the blogs, make sure you check out their Are You Ready for Sweater Weather posts.

Hot Chocolate–what is your comfort book?

Over the years it changed from a classic like Dracula to a biography and back. So my comfort book is anything that keeps me interested.

Pumpkin Carving–what is your favorite creative outlet?

Anything writing or artistic. I’ve went back and forth on projects in recent years. Blogging, books, and being creative with my son.

Falling Leaves–changes that appear bad but you secretly love?

I wouldn’t say ‘love’ per se, but something I appreciate and that’s all the things good and bad I’ve gone through. With age, I’ve learned to find the lessons in the bad in life. It’s helped me understand and grow.

Pumpkin Spiced Latte–something you love that others judge

I’ve felt judgement for foods and coffee. I’m a pineapple on a pizza type of gal (oh no I’m a monster! lol). I’m also a fan of heavy cream in my coffee and flavored coffees like pumpkin spice, mocha, and anything new that catches my attention. I’ve felt the heat from coffee lovers and joke I’m sinning because I also love hot teas and many types of flavors of that.

Near the end of the year I end up chugging hot chocolate and abandoning coffees and teas for that hands down.

Bonfire Night–what makes you explode with joy?

The mother in me enjoys spending time with my son. Seeing him do good, learning something new on his own, and doing well in school really makes me happy. The writer in me sees joy when a reader has enjoyed something I’ve written.

Fright Night–favorite scary book or film

Interview with the Vampire, the movie and the book, are always on the top if not near the top of my favorites.

Halloween candy–favorite thing to eat

Sour patch kids.

Scarves–your autumn ‘must have’ accessory

Fingerless gloves. They keep my hands warm while working. Fuzzy socks keep the toes from freezing. My long hoodie sweater helps keep me warm. The theme here… staying warm.

Fire–a book or film that burns your soul

What Dreams May Come is a masterpiece to me. This movie is so beautiful and really keeps me thinking of the possibilities of the afterlife. One of my favorite Robin Williams films.

Toffee apples–a book or film that seems one thing but really has a different inside

Life’s That Way by Jim Beaver. I knew briefly what the memoir was about before reading it, but once I got into it I was catching myself laughing here and there. It’s a touching book about a time in his life of dealing with his wife, who got diagnosed with cancer, her death, and life as a single father. I never expected it to be funny along with all the other rollercoaster ride of emotions it became. It’s one of those books I keep recommending to people repeatedly.

I want to challenge James Master to do this tag. It seems he has done nothing like this and I want to see what The Writer’s Apocalypse site can come up with.

All of My Every Things: Silver Dagger Book Tours Schedule!

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I’m Answering Common and Uncommon Interview Questions Part Two

How do you handle literary criticism?

I understand its part of the entire industry. I’ve seen it come in several forms like from the editors of my work to even unsolicited reviewers or readers. The only thing that can be done is nod and keep moving forward.

How much ‘world building’ takes place before you start writing?

It depends. I sometimes have the world before writing, sometimes I write and realize I must flush out the world more. Either way, it happens and must for my characters be able to work within the limitations of the world I’ve created.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere. I’ve taken a lot of ideas from nightmares and dreams I’ve had. Some element from a show or some element from something has done or said will inspire me even if I’m not needing it. Something just clicks and the wheels turn.

Do you write listening to music? If so, what music inspired or accompanied this current book?

I listen to rock music, dark cinematic music, southern rock, or dark ambient music. I’ve I’m writing something set at a special time, like the 1980s I’ll listen to the music of that period to help inspire the world building I’m placing my characters.

Share something your readers wouldn’t know about you.

I have high functioning anxiety, depression, and ptsd. Which all means I will drill myself into the ground, burn out because I’m trying to do to my best, and overly worry about things that shouldn’t be worried about. It’s draining emotionally and mentally.

If you could only have one season, what would it be?


If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Hmm. Smart, creative, and stubborn.

Does a big ego help or hurt writers?

I’ve never seen it help a writer. Confidence in yourself and your work is beautiful, but letting yourself get a big head isn’t a quality personality trait whether you’re a writer or not. Overly confident actions that become cocky, to me, send a red flag that shows insecurities that the person is trying to overcompensate for to mask themselves in a ‘better light’.

How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

The first work I published I eventually unpublished it. It taught me a lot. I didn’t know much about the industry when I did this work and I learned the proper process to getting things out as an independently published author. Eventually, with all I learned because of this I approached the entire publishing process differently. I think this helped as the books to come have made their way to publishers. It changed the course of my career and perspective entirely.

What Is The Best Part Of What You Do?

Meeting fans and networking. This surprises me as I’m very introverted and a homebody, but it’s like I come alive or wake up almost around others. This side of me comes out I didn’t know was even there. I enjoy greeting fans, readers, others in the industry, and other writers.

Dreaming of a Literary Pilgrimage

A literary pilgrimage is when you go to the home, grave, or favorite place of your favorite writer.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I was never sure if I’d be able to and still don’t know if I ever will, but I’ve got a plan.

A close friend and I have been talking for the last year or so about doing a roadtrip in our elder years. We have so much in common that this was exactly what both of us would need. It’s bucketlist roadtrip/haunting tour of America.

One of the first places we want to visit is New Orleans. We love Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicles. This is the only place that made sense to begin the trip.

Another place we want to visit is from a movie, The Stanley Hotel. The Shining is such a great movie. So Colorado has been calling. Where on the list this spot will fall, not sure, but it’s for sure on there!

We both love Edgar Allan Poe, so his grave would be a spot to visit. Baltimore, Maryland will see us visiting for sure.

These are confirmed locations we’d like to visit. We’ve mentioned other ones, but never confirmed as a ‘for sure’ hit on the trip.