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The 1990s were good to me mostly, despite the difficulties I can, now, reflect on the good times. I didn’t see them nor appreciate them as much when I was living them, but that’s what being an adult does to you. Hindsight and all that. Since it’s Halloween, I want to share a slice of my life from the last Halloween I ever trick-or-treated on.

I was living in a town called Belmond, Iowa. I’ve grown to miss this town, loved this place then and love this place now. Before two more moves, I had my last trick or treating. We had no money for a costume, but a small white and black oil make up kit was given to me. I was to ‘come up with something on my own’ and that’s just what I did.

I found all the black clothing I could and transformed myself into a vampire. Sadly, it rained horribly that day, but that wasn’t going to stop me from grabbing them, sweets. I was determined and set out with an old Halloween bucket I had saved. I didn’t want to go far just in case it began raining again. In the beginning, all seemed fine, but somewhere after the third house I began getting the comments I was too old to be trick-or-treating (I was maybe 4th or 5th grade). I also began finally realizing there weren’t any other kids trick or treating.

That last bit didn’t bother me, I figured I’d get more candy without everyone else doing the rounds. It was at hour four that the sweetest lady came to the door. She asked me if I was a clown. I remember telling her no, that I was a vampire. She just nodded and gave me the candy as she asked if I was walking around alone. I told her yes. She told me to stay safe, and I thanked her as I left.

I kept thinking about her thinking I was a clown. I had worked hard but guess I just didn’t appear to be what I had thought in my mind I was. This greatly bummed me out, it’s probably why I still remember this so much so many years later. I went home to my mother asking if I’d ‘made good’ and I told her a little.

That was the last time I went trick or treating. I attended a party on Halloween when I was in 6th grade. My father’s job had a Halloween party. He dressed as a ‘naughty nurse’ called Mrs. Bottoms-Up. During the day, for his job, he dressed as a hobo. He worked hard on his outfits using what we had around the house. Him dressing up like this was the first and last time I ever saw him get in the holiday’s spirit. It’s one of my favorite memories of him when I look back upon him fondly. He won ‘sexiest costume’ that night. My mother still to this day does not understand how he got the socks for his costume’s boobs in her bra while it was on backward. He was the heaviest topped lady I’d ever seen!

I would share pictures here, but the one of him as the nurse and the hobo got lost over the years. I really wish I had them to show my son who loved his Pawpaw with such innocence and purity. My husband is much like this, dressing up wildly for laughs and smiles. It’s one aspect of his personality I love the much-when he’s not the grumpy old man.

Years later, I dressed up in 8th or 9th grade as a ‘prep that got beat up’, but I just rode around with a friend of mine (who I’m still friends with) while her younger siblings’ trick-or-treated.

As a parent for the however many years, (this is where I said a number of years originally, but my son protested so I changed it) my Halloween transformed, and I gained new happy memories of taking him around trick or treating. Today, a new event will be happening. A Halloween party my son is ‘hosting’ (which means I do all the work and he has all the fun. What kind of conman type of stuff is this? 😉 lol)

What was your last Halloween trick or treating like? Let’s talk about it. 🙂 Leave a comment and lets start a conversation.

5 thoughts on “A Spooky Story Time: My Last 90s Kid Halloweens

  1. Chocoviv says:

    I used my younger sister as an excuse to continue to trick or treat into my twenties lol…. plus as I am shorter, ppl just think that I am a teenager lol


    1. That’s funny! I’m pretty tall. I think maybe they thought I was older because of that. I’m not sure. It was over 20 years ago.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Chocoviv says:

        Yes, I still get to go with my kids now lol…


        1. Ain’t that fun? I love seeing what people have done. Right now I am using my app to comment while decorating cupcakes foe the party later.

          Liked by 1 person

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