Last Chance: Southern Fried Autopsies Will Be Gone Forever!

With the closing of Burning Willow Press (Read: Goodnight Sweet Burning Prince) that didn’t just mean I had to find a new home for my work published through them it also meant I had to make some hard choices.

I’m free to continue doing this anthology. I can continue forward, if I wanted with the SFA brand and create new editions. There was even a conversation between myself and Edd Sowder from BWP about what to do about this project. Ultimately, I chose not to move forward with it anymore and lay it to rest.

With books being removed over the weeks, November 1st marked the last day with all the remaining books to be gone from the shelves until they found new homes. Southern Fried Autopsies isn’t one of them as it’s not going to be re-uploaded anywhere. If you see this after the date, it’s stolen/pirated and it should be reported. I, nor anyone from Burning Willow Press, or anyone that was involved in its creation will republish it.

With all of that said. You can grab paperback and digital copies from Amazon, if you have Kindle Unlimited it’s free.