An Art Post: My Dark Creations

Earlier today, after I gave my update about why I wasn’t active yesterday (Read: I Took a Mental Health┬áDay). I wanted to see if I still had ‘it’. It being the good ol’ photoshop skills. This year was to be my year off from working for clients doing book covers and Burning Willow Press, but when Burning Willow Press announced closing its door (Read: Goodnight Sweet Burning┬áPrince), I had to get back to work.

In a recent podcast (which hasn’t gone to live yet) I announced (basically) that I wasn’t ready to go back to graphical work for another publisher if they were to want to hire me (as of right now) but maybe in the future.

I also realized that earlier this year when my website changed and moved to WordPress I didn’t migrate my portfolio. With this most of my art hasn’t been up, in some form, here yet. So with that, I’ll be creating a section for my old cover art for all to see again.

I use the program Adobe Photoshop and my old copy of Paintshop Pro when creating. The above are all digital photo manipulations created strictly in Adobe Photoshop. I used images with free commercial use licenses from the public domain ‘free stock photos’ to bring them to life. I have watermarked them as I created the art.

I Took a Mental Health Day

Yesterday, Sunday the 3rd of November, I decided after I pushed the keys for Nano I dedicated the rest of the day to relaxing the best that I could. I don’t take enough of these. I turned off my cellphone; I turned off the computer and spend the day doing other things. I had some concerned as I will at least use social media in some capacity, but not yesterday.

I’ve had a creative burnout before. I don’t want to go back to that state as I’m just getting back to my roots, so I wanted to relax. I suffer from anxiety, ptsd, and depression so any way and any day I can take to dedicate just to myself I need to. It’s for my health. It’s something everyone should do, giving themselves the attention they deserve and need.

I gave myself the compliment: It’s okay not to work sometimes.

I hope everyone else can give themselves, even if it’s a small break, and tell themselves something nice about themselves. Eventually, you will feel better.