I Took a Mental Health Day

Yesterday, Sunday the 3rd of November, I decided after I pushed the keys for Nano I dedicated the rest of the day to relaxing the best that I could. I don’t take enough of these. I turned off my cellphone; I turned off the computer and spend the day doing other things. I had some concerned as I will at least use social media in some capacity, but not yesterday.

I’ve had a creative burnout before. I don’t want to go back to that state as I’m just getting back to my roots, so I wanted to relax. I suffer from anxiety, ptsd, and depression so any way and any day I can take to dedicate just to myself I need to. It’s for my health. It’s something everyone should do, giving themselves the attention they deserve and need.

I gave myself the compliment: It’s okay not to work sometimes.

I hope everyone else can give themselves, even if it’s a small break, and tell themselves something nice about themselves. Eventually, you will feel better.

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