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Because of my binge working like work schedule, I rarely get to adventure off into the world, but if I do, there’s a purpose for my leaving. Recently, I could get out and for the sole reason of finding a bullet journal and window shop organizational solutions since I’m developing an organizational issue.

My desk, usually highly cluttered, had been cleaned up over the weekend. I put everything in its place and could use the top of my desk for workspace for a change. Now here I sit three days later and the clutter fairy has visited. The usual suspects are where they’re usually found. Memo notes, a litter of notebooks, bits of garbage and litter, art supplies, and cold meds (I’m still not full steam, but working on it).

I then realized some things.

  • I’ve never really organized my office space.
  • I’ve never truly ‘claimed’ my office as a workspace (I’ll explain).
  • Man, I’m super disorganized!

I had a bigger office in the front of my house, but when my mother moved in with me I gave it to her for a bedroom and moved myself to a smaller storage room (literally a small storage room. It used to be a pantry). It’s serving its purpose, but when I moved I never really decorated or claimed it as ‘mine’. It has become the ‘hole’ the place I go to work and leave. I don’t enjoy it like I had enjoyed my office before.

My office space has requirements, things that have to be in it, and things I need for inspiration, and things I want. As of right now, everything is crammed together. One day I’ll address my office dislikes, perhaps I’ll blog about it, but knowing I couldn’t really deal with the bigger office issue, I wanted to address the organizational issue of my scheduler.

Using planners began when I was a young teenager in middle school when my school at the time provided them. It changed my entire world. I, for the first time, could see everything. It helped me feel more in control of my world. I abandoned agenda books for a short period in college for a palm pilot, but went back to planners after it broke. (Rest in peace now obsolete device that helped freshman in college me.)

All these years later to not have an agenda book would be pure madness. I have to keep my day-to-day tasks, my work schedule, meal plans to-do lists, reminders, holidays, birthdays, passwords, and all that I need to have within arm’s length. I have filled notebook after notebook, and agenda book after agenda book.

About a year ago I came across ‘bullet journals’ and fell in love with them. Yesterday, I began looking them up again after I survived a small memo note avalanche. I love the range of creativity that so many apply to their journals, but for me I’m very clear, concise, and minimalistic. I don’t clutter within my agendas. I want to get exactly where I need and see exactly what I want quickly.

The picture to the right is the bullet journal I grabbed and the labels I wanted to help me get to specific sections. I have also just now realized I’m organizing for my organizer and not sure how I feel about that other than finding it slightly funny. It could also be the fact I just woke up, began working on this blog, and see the extra pile I’ve now created to just to reduce the bigger pile before me. A world of organized chaos. The world of a writer. lol.

So, today’s goals:

  • Finish Today’s Blogs
  • Nano Write.
  • Begin Bullet Journal.
  • Working in Photoshop.
  • Start Morning Routine (it’s 1:25 am as I write this).
  • Deal with Daily To Do’s.
  • Take Snapshots.
  • Clean Desk
  • Do Other Cleaning
  • Work More.
  • Family Time.
  • Sleep (if my insomnia doesn’t act up).
  • Rinse.
  • Repeat.

Kind words to myself today: You got this!

4 thoughts on “Storytime: Beginning the Bullet Journal and Better Organizing

  1. I started my first Bullet journal in April of this year. At first I was reluctant to combine all my notebooks into one, but I’m onto my second bullet journal this month and I love them! Good luck with yours.


    1. That’s cool. I’m just struggling more with how to do the layouts. How I want everything laid out. I’ve looked up things for inspiration, so many beautiful things, but then don’t see anything that stands out to me as something I can use. Right now, I have a key, birthdays, and some blogging lists and notes for challenges I’m doing next year.

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  2. My middle school and High school gave me planners too! I loved them and continued the use of them in college! But after I graduated for some reason I stopped using them. Then about 2 years ago I found bullet journals and they have helped me so much! I hope they help you too! I’m like you I don’t do a ton of the artistic stuff. I do have a couple pages that I embellished, but for the most part they are just lists and to-dos haha. Good luck with your organization!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wasn’t sure I could do a bullet journal. I’d been watching videos and reading material about them, but finally decided to take the plunge. I’m usually pretty creative, but when it comes to agenda keeping I need it very clean and very clear everything. I did start several different pages and sections. I’ve created a blogging section to organize my things for the website. I’ve also decided to keep a birthday page as I’m sure everyone is tired of me asking when I feel I should already know this information. I do have a key page, but beyond that note sure if I’ll ever really use it. I tried organizing and making monthly pages, but I really just need space for writing my notes. I have discovered I need page for the days of the week, perhaps a page for a monthly rundown with the notes, but nothing big like I’ve seen many doing.


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