Month: March 2020

Napowrimo Beginning Soon! #30poemsin30days

April is National Poetry Month. An entire month dedicated to poems and poetry bringing attention to and bring appreciation toward poets of all styles and types. Napowrimo is a challenge for poets with the hashtag #30poemsin30days, similar to Nanowrimo which focuses on completing a book in a month (I finished

.99 Pre-ordering Open: Maxwell Demon

Pre-ordering for Maxwell Demon is now open for 99 cents! Go to Amazon

The Most Surprising Thing I Discovered While Writing: The Blasphemer Series Edition

May 21st, 2020 the re-release of The Blasphemer Series is happening with the release of book one, Maxwell Demon. I’m thrilled that this is coming out again. This series of mine has been a product of many years and seems to be the underdog that never gives up. The ups

2020 Book Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I admit, I didn’t read this book until after the movies were all fully released. I was curious about the original books because of the movies. They gripped me so greatly and being such a big fan of books I wanted to see what the books had to say with

Limited Free Digital Editions Available – Read For More Info (A Call to Reviewers)

As everyone knows, The Blasphemer Series has been picked up by the publisher, Three Furies Press. This is causing the books to be re-touched and re-released. An ARC (advanced reader copy) of the digital ebook is up for grabs on the website Booksprout. This is a great way to find

2020 Book Review: Secret Language of the Soul by Jane Hope

I can only speak for myself, but being a fan of religious studies. I absolutely loved this book when I read it, and it still is a favorite of mine. I love books that have over one line of study in them. This is like that. It covers many topics,

2020 Book Review: The Witches by Stacy Schiff

Who hasn’t heard of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692? It’s a subject has fascinated me with since I was young. I never could truly understand why people acting in such a way or even if the condemned had really done anything wrong. In my early teenage mind wondered if

2020 Book Review: The Carpathian Castle by Jules Verne [Contains Spoilers]

Originally, I had heard this is the book that inspired the setting for Dracula’s castle and country in the book by Bram Stoker for his infamous novel Dracula. Having read that novel, I knew I wanted to read this one. It took some time before I could find a copy

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