The Most Surprising Thing I Discovered While Writing: The Blasphemer Series Edition

May 21st, 2020 the re-release of The Blasphemer Series is happening with the release of book one, Maxwell Demon. I’m thrilled that this is coming out again. This series of mine has been a product of many years and seems to be the underdog that never gives up.

The ups and downs I’ve had just getting this series out would be more than enough to make any author give up. From narrators becoming ill to them no longer wanting to take part in the audio book process. I’ve struggled to write the books and even struggled finding the right way to present them to readers with beautiful formatting, first by myself and then by staff of Three Furies Press, my publisher. Whatever has knocked my little series down has only encouraged me to pick back up and keep going with them.

Why? Why not give up? Maybe it’s my stubbornness or perhaps its my passion for this project. I really truly believe that others will enjoy the books as much as I’ve enjoyed researching and writing them. With all of that said, I have learned some things while writing the series.

The series isn’t complete yet, but 2020 will bring you both book one, Maxwell Demon, and book two, Harvest later this year.

What have I learned?

  • I have learned that I still love my characters and the books I’ve written.
  • This is the series that with simple character development as a kid, as a result I can relate the most to the characters int his series.
  • I have learned giving up really isn’t apart of who I am as a person.
  • Self-care is so very important. This includes standing up for myself and what I want with my own work.
  • With the compliments I’ve gotten over my ‘battle scenes’ I learned that I may be alright at it. These were the scenes I worried the most about written throughout all the books.
  • Anne Rice’s advice I came across long ago is true. I wrote what I loved and found readers along the way.

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