The Word: Poetry and Publishing: The Cold Hard Truth

Early in my publishing career I noticed there wasn’t many poetry books being advertised. I didn’t think much of it, figured I was just simply missing the advertising and marketing of the poets or publishers, but only in the last year or two I learned the reason.

I put out my own poetry book. I found old files and old notebooks full of my poetry from when I was younger and things I wrote in hard times and good. For me, these were my healing times. I felt so deeply I wanted to share them. I did research publishers and had a hard time finding any publishers that covered this genre.

I saw plenty of magazines accepting submissions for ‘themed poems’, but that didn’t fit my style. I am a freestyle or free form poet. I write how I’m feeling without a rhythm guiding me. For my readers, they noticed at the beginning of my series The Blasphemer Series, I included a poem from my husband under a pen name he wanted to use. I love poetry, but never called myself a poet.

When I started this journey, while still gathering poetry together, I began talking with publishers and published authors and found the reason so many, despite wanting to, simply didn’t want to put out poetry collections.

Poetry is a hard sale.

Poetry, from newcomers, is often considered a hard sale. Not many enjoy poetry, unless it’s from the likes of the greats like Plath or a narrative poet like Poe. Publishers, have, but don’t often take a chance on this genre. Which, as a result discourage writers that are producing work in other genres to step out as poets in publishing.

At the end of the day, often forgotten, publishing is a business. The bottom line is making money for the majority that are not the hobbyists. With all that said, don’t give up. If you feel strongly publish your work, if you cannot find a publisher.

Authors have so much going for them now that they didn’t before or didn’t know they had before. Remember many of the greats self-published out their own work when people refused to publish their work. Self-publishing isn’t a new concept.

Never give up. Step back, breathe, and make a plan of attack to go another round. Remember, just because something is a ‘hard sale’ doesn’t mean its impossible!

Napowrimo: Day 8 #30poemsin30days

For more information:

April is National Poetry Month. An entire month dedicated to poems and poetry bringing attention to and bring appreciation toward poets of all styles and types.

Official website of Napowrimo to read and catch up. They give prompts to help those that may need some inspiration. They also provide resources to poets.

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