Learn Your Poets: Part 1

The month of April isn’t just about writing poems and taking part in Napowrimo. It is also about appreciating poetry from others and poets. I wanted to do a huge series on each poet that I knew of, including some of my favorites, but decided to break it down into smaller digestible portions.

Sappho – She was born in Lesbos, Greece and is known for her lyrical poetry, poetry meant to be sung with a lyre. She is considered one of the world’s great poets, even in the ancient world she was regarded as this, and was considered the ‘Tenth Muse’. She was also known as ‘The Poetess’.

Her poetry only remains in pieces as most of it was lost due to time. The topics of her poetry has been considered romantic and erotic. Over the years, her sexuality has been a topic of debate due to her subject matter. She did have a child, but often she has been thought of as a lesbian poet. Poems like ‘Sleep’ and an untitled poem that refers to ‘the love of a boy’.

Sylvia Plath – Is an American born poet, novelist, and short-story writer. Born on October 27, 1932 in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA. She is known for her confessional poetry and for two of her collections that she published called The Colossus and Other Poems and Ariel. Before her passing, her semi-autobiographical work known as The Bell Jar was published. (Check out my review of The Bell Jar here).

Most know her for how she passed away, it’s been re-created by artists and fans of her work for many years. She passed on February 11, 1963 in Primrose Hill, London, United Kingdom.

Jim Morrison – Or so he’s known by, but his full name is James Douglas Morrison. Going by Jim, he was a famous American singer in the rock band known as The Doors. Born in Melbourne, FL on December 8, 1943, many never considered him a poet. Much of his poetry is known, but never came to the height of fame as his song with The Doors did.

In fact, I didn’t know for many years he had poetry collections out nor that he had self-published them. I have read books on him, this is when I learned of his poetry. After reading some of his poetry I could see how his songwriting and is poetry went hand-in-hand.

Sadly, he passed on July 3, 1971 in Paris, France, but wasn’t buried until July 7th, 1971.

Following this ‘Learn Your Poets’ series, you’ll read about poets from ancient times to now. From Sappho to Atwood. This series will be of the poets I have read in my time, I am aware of, and because of this may miss some so please don’t have hurt feelings. They were not left off on purpose only if I didn’t know of them.

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April is National Poetry Month. An entire month dedicated to poems and poetry bringing attention to and bring appreciation toward poets of all styles and types.

Official website of Napowrimo to read and catch up. They give prompts to help those that may need some inspiration. They also provide resources to poets.

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