2020 Book Review: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Twain’s story came into my life when I was young and still in school. I remember reading it clearly twice, once as part of a textbook and later as a book of its own. I have read it a third time as an adult just to see if the first impressions I had had changed, they did.

At first, this was one of those stories I felt forced to read. I didn’t want to, but found some interest in the characters. I got into the story as it pulled me into the time period it is set, it is a different time with different word usage. By the third time I read it I no longer felt forced which made the material ‘boring’ to me, I was interested in it. I felt for the character Jim every time I read about him, his want to be free, and the way others saw him.

I can see the reasoning for this becoming ‘banned book’ from one’s perspective, but then again I personally don’t believe in banning books at all. I know this is an opinion that is solely mine and not often shared, but felt it important to include in this review. The third time I read this I had already read a book I found in my high school library shelves that in detail taught the reader how to use ‘heroine safely’ and it hadn’t been banned.

The book can be difficult to read with the way its written to capture the accents and slang of the time and place its set in. My review of this book won’t differ much from the thousands of reviews that can be found on it, so no spoilers or anything special to share. I enjoyed the book, it’s a classic, and I recommend reading it.

This review is a part of my 2020 yearlong self-challenge to read and review. I have reread some books for the purpose of reviewing them on my website whereas I have read others for the first time. Check out Book Reviews and Recommendations to find other book reviews, book recommendations, and more information about the books I’m reading, have read, or are sharing.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts? Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Let’s have a conversation about it.