Napowrimo: Still Challenging

I am still doing the challenge. I felt it important to post this at this time. I have a notebook I’ve been writing my challenge poets in, the only difference is the posting online of these poems. I will get back to posting the poems soon.

I had to take time away from my office as we rescued a new fur baby who demanded a lot of attention and adjustment, but the biggest need for my focus has been my mother. For those that follow me on Facebook, you already know why.

Recently, as in the last month, my mother was diagnosed with a cancer. This devastated my family as also this year we lost a beloved family member to cancer. Since that passing we have gotten news of a second family member has passed, a great story teller. My family is everything to me, it is my anchor in this crazy world.

Poem posting will return soon. Below is an image of my notebook, it shows some of the work not yet ready for posting or may not even be deemed post-able. I am writing, some days, multiple poems and selecting from those a poem to share for this challenge.