Day: April 22, 2020

The Veil: Mothman

The Mothman has been a feature of folklore and myth for many years. A prime focus of movies, books, and mentioned through television. The story goes that the Mothman appeared in the area Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966. The legend goes that it only appears right before something bad

The Word: Types of Poetry w/Examples & Explanations

Acrostic – The simplest poem one can attempt. It uses the ups and downs of piece to spell out a world of phrase. Often found useful in codes and code-breaking. Examples of this poetry type: William Blake’s poem London.¬†Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Elizabeth.¬† Blank Verse – This type of poetry

The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon’s Aesthetics Grid

Learn Your Poets: Part 2

The month of April isn’t just about writing poems and taking part in Napowrimo. It is also about appreciating poetry from others and poets. I wanted to do a huge series on each poet that I knew of, including some of my favorites, but decided to break it down into

Napowrimo: Day 22 #30poemsin30days

For more information: April is National Poetry Month. An entire month dedicated to poems and poetry bringing attention to and bring appreciation toward poets of all styles and types. Official website of Napowrimo to read and catch up. They give prompts to help those that may need some inspiration. They

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