Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Maxwell Demon and Be Reading L. Bachman’s Work

The Blasphemer Series is re-launching soon into the public realm with the re-release of the book Maxwell Demon, but what does that even mean for you the consumer? Why should you care? I have 10 reasons why you should be reading L. Bachman’s work and devouring Maxwell Demon when it goes live.

Why Buy And Read Maxwell Demon

  1. There’s a love story – Now, the series itself isn’t centered on a love story or several, but the a central plot is the love story of a fallen angel, Maxwell, and the first woman ever created, the ‘Adama’ named Lilith. Considered ‘the oldest love story’.
  2. Something for Everyone – Though The Blasphemer Series is considered overall horror and urban fantasy it has attracted many readers from other genre fandoms. Readers online have commented that it’s a ‘multi-genre’ series for anyone that loves mythical monsters from fairies to werewolves.
  3. Vampires, werewolves; oh my! – This series serves all kinds of monsters to readers that love them. Vampires, werewolves, angels, fallen angels, good witches, bad witches, The Lost Colony of Roanoke, dire werewolves, Ents, fairies, mythical legends, ghosts, demons, oracles, seers, spirits, hauntings, possessions, the boogeyman, a creature named Creature, and that’s just in the first two books of the series!
  4. Worlds within Worlds – The world of The Blasphemer isn’t a single dimensional world. Every major creature featured has a world and society it belongs. The vampires have their own ways in which they handle their own, the werewolves commune at a place in Alabama called Jackal Ridge, and so on. This gives the reader a better understanding the world of the characters are coming from and coming together in.
  5. Redemption – It has been commented that this is a beautifully written redemption story with Maxwell Demon not wanting to accept that he’s damned for what he feels are a few mistakes. He is stubborn to give up on himself and all of mankind.
  6. Not a Perfect World – The series isn’t made of a perfect world with perfect people and creatures. Everyone has flaws and every has good and bad in them, which makes for a realistic feel to the world and her characters.
  7. A different take on the paranormal genre – Reviewers have commented that it’s an interesting and unique take on the paranormal genre.
  8. Powerful story and sophisticated writing – Bachman’s style of writing has really left readers riveted and wanting more when this book was published.
  9. Well done battle scenes – The battle scenes are action packed and well written with a 3D aspect.
  10. Leaves you wanting more – Though this book could be read as a standalone it continues on in a series. Maxwell Demon is just the beginning.

Don’t trust the above list? Read what the reviewers have said themselves.

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Why You Should Buy L. Bachman’s books

  1. Well-written and interesting stories – There are so many books to buy now. Many readers find themselves buying books that sound ideal, but are riddled with poor story-telling and poor written tales. L. Bachman’s work isn’t this. With review after review of happy readers loving her stories you should be one of them as well.
  2. She’s an award-winner – She’s been recognized for her story-telling abilities by winning an award for them. 2015 marks the beginning of many nominations in literature and by 2017 she had become an award-winner and bestselling author. She’s also been nominated for her artistic abilities too.
  3. She doesn’t just write horror – Though she is known for writing primarily in horror she has written in other genres. From dystopian and sci-fi stories have pleased readers.
  4. She’s established – Though you many not be familiar with her name or her work she’s been writing a very long time. She began writing as a kid and honed her craft, continues to take writing courses, and along the way she has helped others polish their skills.
  5. The details matter – With ever work she’s ever written the details have always mattered. From the location in which a character is placed to why the character does what they do there is a reason. She heavily researches every detail to make sure its accurate to the story she’s wanting to tell. She’s not a fly by night writer and it shows in her work.
  6. She writes from the heart – With her poetry she has admitted time and time again its some of her most emotionally raw work. She puts herself into each poem for therapeutic reasons, whether its rage or facing the utter bleakness of mortality she’s not afraid to share her story and how she feels about it.
  7. Passionate and Brought to Tears – She’s deeply passionate about her work. Listening to any of the media and one can easily hear it in her voice. She’s intelligent and passionate about writing and her stories. During a certain podcast the topic of writing brought her even to tears as she spoke about how it saved her life.
  8. Compared to some of the greats – Though L. Bachman has always said she just wanted to be her own writer and person she has been compared to some great minds. Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelly, Dean Koontz, and even John Saul.
  9. She’s active – With activity daily she gives readers and fans the ability to see inside her world. Offering up interviews, web shows, and podcast appearances you can see and hear the stories and about the work from her in person or recorded. You get to learn and follow her work knowing she is actively reading and responding.
  10. Readers love her – Readers often comment how they love her work. They have leave reviews complimenting her writing style, her sophisticated writing abilities, and talent. They also recognize the skill and talent she brings to every piece of her work whether its being applied to the story or to the work she does for herself and others.

Interview of a Character: Imogene from The Blasphemer Series: Harvest

The Interviewer is a mysterious figure that has contact with the characters of The Blasphemer Series and thus interviews them time to time. In this interview you will see them interacting with Imogene, a female character from book two Harvest. Imogene is a gifted Seer of the Present.

This particular interview happened before tragic events that unfolded in The Blasphemer Series. To understand better it is recommended you read The Blasphemer Series: Harvest.

The Interviewer: When you’re introduced into the book you’re struggling with withdrawals, do you wish you’d been introduced in a different way?

Imogene: It’s how the story went. I can’t change it or how I was living my life at the time. You’d try and find an escape too if you have my curse they call a gift.

The Interviewer: Can you share with us something we may not know about you?

Imogene: I liked cheesecake and coffee.

The Interviewer: Is there anything that upset you about the book?

Imogene: It seems I was almost forgotten except for Margot and Isiah. I miss him.

The Interviewer: Will we see you in future books?

Imogene: Perhaps. Not all of the stories have been told yet. It’s up to the author to discover a way to bring me back into the fold. I’m not sure how I would or my purpose. It’s not like I had much of one in the first place.

The Interviewer: Well that’s just not true. A lot of people like you. They wanted to know about you, your relationship with Isiah, and some even asked the author to do a book of just you. As a side-story type of thing.

Imogene: Interesting. It’d be interesting to see what the author would have to say about me in a side-story book. What would that even be called? A companion novel?

The Interviewer: Yes, that’s what those books would be called. So, Imogene, we know what happens near the end of the book. So is there something you wish all the readers knew that perhaps got left out of the story?

Imogene: There is something, but I’m not sure how well it would’ve done. You see the writer writes in a certain style that may leave out things. If the main character can’t witness it then sometimes it doesn’t make it in. It’s a mix of third-person narration and first-person. I’ve personally never seen a book written like it. I wish she would’ve left how I fought hard. How even when ingested I was kicking, screaming, and fighting.

The Interviewer: Do you feel you were given no justice?

Imogene: In some ways yes and in some ways no. I don’t want to really go into it. There’s nothing that can be done now.

The Interviewer: Since you’re on the other side is there any knowledge you can give us that those still living may not know?

Imogene: There’s a spy among them, but he’ll get his. He’ll flip and ultimately help them.

The Interviewer: Will you say who?

Imogene: I’m not allowed to.

The Interviewer: Is there anything you’d like to say to the remaining Seers, Briar and Dante?

Imogene: Dante’s going to be just fine. I am not allowed to say too much, but without him the world would truly fall apart. Briar is in good hands even though she doesn’t realize it, being possessed by anyone else would destroy her.

The Interviewer: Is there anything you’d like to say to readers or potential readers?

Imogene: I’m gone, I pass in this book. That’s no secret, but what many don’t know is I can now live on because of them. The author’s a bit weird, but she has done good by me by telling my story. If you read it I can live on in your memory and thoughts. I do hope you’ll read it. Please read.

The Interviewer: Is there anything you wish to say perhaps to Margot or Isiah if they read this interview?

Imogene: I am sorry Margot. I did love you and still do. You didn’t have to take me in and you did. You were a mother to me and I never appreciated you. To Isiah, I guess I’d say, I miss and love you.

Margot has gotten to read the interview and it helped her with her mourning. Isiah was too busy to read it. Read The Blasphemer Series: Harvest when it re-releases to understand all of this better.

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Interview of a Character: Maxwell from The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon

The Interviewer is a mysterious figure that has contact with the characters of The Blasphemer Series and thus interviews them time to time. In this interview you will see them interacting with Maxwell, a the main male character of the book Maxwell Demon from The Blasphemer Series.

This particular interview has a history that it happened to be ‘found’ in the ‘archives’ from The Alexandrian vaults. It takes place after the first book published. No-one knows where it came from or who The Interviewer is.

The Interviewer: How do you feel about your story being chronicled for mass readers to get a hold of and read?

Maxwell: I think the story must be told. It’s an important endeavor to open your mind to a new possibly.

The Interviewer: What do you think of L. Bachman being the one to write your story and the stories of others?

Maxwell: She’s alright, she’s good people. I like her tattoos.

The Interviewer: Whatever happened to Eshu?

Maxwell: :chuckles: Gabriel took care of him about as much as someone like Eshu could be taken care of. You must understand Eshu is a guardian and a very powerful spiritual being. He learned his lesson, which is all I can say about that.

The Interviewer: What’s your biggest regret?

Maxwell: In the book, it’s listed as never getting to Lilith in time, but truth be it there is a bigger regret that I have and that is defying The Mother and The Father.

The Interviewer: You witnessed reincarnation first hand with following Lilith through her many lives, what were the best life and the worse that you saw her go through?

Maxwell: The worse life she lived I witnessed for a brief period was that of her as a child. You must think of things in the time frame of which they happened. At one time in history to be red haired was thought of as a bad thing, a sign of a witch. We all know that Witches come in all shapes, colors, backgrounds, and countries, but in this particular life she had been hidden away for a very long time. Her hair had been sooted and changed colors with dyes of the time. In the end, she had been murdered by a mob worried she was going to bring bad upon the land.

The best life she lived I can remember was that of peace. She was in Scotland living on the outskirts. Her hovel overlooked a valley and a river. It was quiet and peaceful. Sadly, like most of her lives she had either been killed or died tragically in ways I couldn’t do anything about. In this one, she had gotten sick and died. I couldn’t heal her. When she saw me for the smallest of moments I could swear she recognized me, but by the time I had gotten to her she had been sick for a very long time. I still don’t know what she died of.

The Interviewer: We only get a taste of a few of her lives, can you elaborate on others? Why is it so hard for you to find her? The compass worked in the published account why not just do that earlier?

Maxwell: She had been a male in several lives, a warrior or soldier that led to her death in those lives. She had been just about anything you could be, must remember she had been around a very…very long time. A monk, a cult leader, a housewife, and even a school teacher are a few that are coming to mind. She’s been every color variation, a wide range of ages in her lives, and involved in most religions.

I simply hadn’t thought about making a compass, the idea never came to mind until later years after struggling for many lifetimes of never finding her. I had my own struggles as well giving me problems and diverting me. Goodwitch Anya also found out about me and contacted me. Things went smoother after that.

The Interviewer: Have you spent more time on Earth since the book has been released?

Maxwell: I have no comment.

The Interviewer: Your Enochian tattoos, how do they work? I’ve read that some, that got early copies of the story, wished they had a compass like yours.

Maxwell: :chuckles: Yes, I can see how a compass would work for many. Simply having something right there literally on your hand pointing you to whomever or whatever you need. I can’t begin reveal the magic of my etchings, I got in trouble once before for sharing too much knowledge with mankind.

The Interviewer: Is there anything you wish could’ve left into the story that was taken out?

Maxwell: The story written was specific, it was to launch a series that would talk and discuss many other lives and others stories. This one was specific to me finding Lilith, but I have plenty of stories. Perhaps she’ll write them down as well in a book for others. I have dealt with Raphaim, Canaanites, and have stories upon stories I’d love to share.

The Interviewer: What do you see happening with The Blasphemer Series?

Maxwell: There is a great evil coming. There are many stories to tell.

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