Newsletter: News and Updates

Friday the newsletter went out to celebrate the re-release of Maxwell Demon and relaunch of The Blasphemer Series to the public. As explained on the Facebook page, the newsletter was upgraded before its release as well as the welcome message that everyone receives when they sign up.

For those not signed up, let’s talk about the official newsletter for a moment. The Official Newsletter of L. Bachman is at minimum a no-hassle monthly letter to subscribers to fill them in on things going on behind-the-scenes, give updates on things to come, and quick view of things going on here at the website. It’s the best source for information for the casual reader that wants information right to their email box.

With the new update, everyone that signs up gets several freebies they can use. Three are beautiful cellphone backgrounds and one is a gorgeous original artwork created by L. Bachman for the personal computer desktop. These were created to spruce up your devices while many of us cannot leave the home and have our devices as entertainment. These four products are exclusive to the newsletter. So to get them, you must sign-up.

You can sign-up for the newsletter via the small form at the top of the front of the website or via the pop-up that happens when you’re a news visitor.