Restoration of Faith

On Facebook, I posted about a restoration of my faith.

When I was a teenager I found my spiritual calling. I practiced, I was harmonious, and was eager to learn all that my path led me. Somewhere over the years, I lost my path unaware the fallen leaves were simply covering it. Time to time the toe of my boot would kick a leaf up and joy would come back in this area of my life, my curiosity and eagerness to learn would appear. Years of happily dancing about my life turned into an empty feeling where my faith once filled.

With all this year has done to myself and my family I struggled to find something to cling to help guide me along my way. I have told family and close friends I have felt lost for a long time. In the past few weeks, a new feeling came over me. It was as if the blindfold fell and everything made sense again. My faith had always been there I just simply had been blind to it for far too long. I am home again. It’s a calm that medication has never given me.

I don’t talk about my faith in depth publicly and prefer my privacy about it, but felt it important to post my experience. I have been a subscriber for a very long time that things reveal themselves when it’s time to know of them. It always blew my mind when something would not just appear but knock me right over the head like an elder with a cane to wake me up. Sometimes it seems rough, but holding on, having hope, and eventually, something will give and relief will come.Sometimes all it takes is remembering your roots, whatever you feel they are, and ‘going home’ in a metaphorical sense.

I wanted to share this all here as some of you don’t click through to my Facebook or you’re unable to see certain posts as this was posted on my wall and not my writing page which most will only be routed toward for work/business reasons with my profile usually kept for networking, friends, family and business of a behind the scenes nature. I wouldn’t normally post this here like this, but I wanted to share what I had done.