The Blasphemer Series Mythos: The Fallen and The Angels

The principal characters of the first book in the series, Maxwell Demon, are definitely the fallen angels and their counterparts. Originally, when I began writing the series, it wasn’t even a series, much less a book, it was a character named Dante Angeloft that doesn’t appear in the series until book two, Harvest. I wanted to write of his struggles; he was and still is the most relatable of my characters specific to my teen and younger years.

Dante in his origin interacted with vampires, but throughout my years of aging and my interests changed eventually angels came into play as I enjoyed then and continue to now doing religious studies. I have always loved learning of other cultures and the religions of ancient times. So, he became a man conflicted with morality. Good and heaven or bad and hell. The series was always going to be called The Blasphemer Series. Even ancient original journal-like writings I did of him were calling him The Blasphemer.

When the time came to publish my own stories, I wasn’t sure if he was going to come back to life through my words or even take part in a series, but things began working around. My award-winning short story Human Ouija was in the works before I finished Maxwell Demon, but some things began clicking and inspiration struck. I was reading articles and really digging into documentaries, books, and reading over old work when inspiration came together.

This led me to purchase encyclopedias, the most important being the one on angels, one I wasn’t aware would also include fallen angels and demons as well. This was really the most important reference guide I used. It helped me carve out traits, looks, and really gave me the ability to build the villains and the heros of the first book. From there it just flowed naturally.

Vampires inspired the story element of ‘reincarnation’, with their immortality. I had read about Samsara Cycle, reincarnation, and began researching in that field of interest and it made the most since to me. I will cover reincarnation more in depth in another post, but for now I will merely add that it became an element I sewed in because it was beautifully tragic.

Love is beautifully tragic with its highs and lows, for me I had experienced different love being betrayed, longing, wanting, and never wanting to give up. This is important and since this book was to be important to me as my first serious attempt of publication it felt required. Every good ‘love story’ I had ever read had tragic events and conflict. ‘Lovers torn apart’ is a theme that can be played upon and directed this way or that.

The fallen angels, led by Lucifer, is one of the oldest stories I knew of. Lucifer betrayed God’s wishes as the story began and ultimately ended with his and his cohorts being cast out. The angels that remained continued on doing good deeds, but for me I am forever the researcher… the curious mind. I learned of The Watchers, alternative origins from old religions, and one by one the story I wanted to tell formed.

Specific angels in the story, Maxwell Demon, were chosen for sins they embodied or what they magically had. For example: Yeqon was chosen because he was one angel that led men astray, in stepped the Nephilim. Many fallen angels I learned off from the above mentioned encyclopedias but also reading material on the Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch is an ‘apocrypha’ book thus removed from The Bible. This specific book also mentions The Watchers naming some of them. Yeqon is one of those mentioned.

If you have already read the book in this series that’s published already then you will see this is a heavy inspiration for much of the main stories origins, the chapter of Maxwell Demon that I’d like to reference is a scene in which I wrote of the fall of the angels that battled.

Harvest, the second book, isn’t as heavy on the angels and the fallen, but Dante has visions of the past of an angel, one of The Unforgiven or also known as The Forgotten. She is unique as well and as this series is still being written and published, I won’t release too much from the unfinished books. The phrase comes to mind: the meek shall inherit the Earth.

Here’s what the original edition of Maxwell Demon looked like

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