The Memoir Project Canceled

For those that have been following me on social media for some time you may have noticed me talking about a memoir I've struggled to write for years. This memoir is one that has been difficult for many reasons, the biggest reason being that it deals with some very personal things from my childhood. This … Continue reading The Memoir Project Canceled

Catching up w/Random Evolved’s Rebekah Pruitt

Bachman: We've known each other for a long, but much has changed in that time. What can you tell us that has changed for TBK in the past couple of years? Pruitt: Well, the TBK name is being dropped in a few weeks to be replaced with our main company name, Random Evolved. Outside that, … Continue reading Catching up w/Random Evolved’s Rebekah Pruitt

Interview with Janeal Falor

Bachman: You are best known for being a fantasy romance author with your Mine series, do you have any plans to change genres? Falor: For a few years, I've played around writing some sweet romances, but have never been serious about them. Mostly I've been practicing writing them and learning the genre. I'm finally getting … Continue reading Interview with Janeal Falor

[Brief Words] 2015 Throwback Interview of Annalisa Nicole

Bachman: I spotted you doing events in person, what's your favorite part of doing an event like that? Nicole: I love doing events! I absolutely love getting to know people! This past year I've met so many amazing people! Bachman: Take us through, if you don't mind, your writing process? Do you do an outline … Continue reading [Brief Words] 2015 Throwback Interview of Annalisa Nicole