Interview with Janeal Falor

Bachman: You are best known for being a fantasy romance author with your Mine series, do you have any plans to change genres? Falor: For a few years, I've played around writing some sweet romances, but have never been serious about them. Mostly I've been practicing writing them and learning the genre. I'm finally getting … Continue reading Interview with Janeal Falor

[Brief Words] 2015 Throwback Interview of Annalisa Nicole

Bachman: I spotted you doing events in person, what's your favorite part of doing an event like that? Nicole: I love doing events! I absolutely love getting to know people! This past year I've met so many amazing people! Bachman: Take us through, if you don't mind, your writing process? Do you do an outline … Continue reading [Brief Words] 2015 Throwback Interview of Annalisa Nicole