Jottercast: A Path Forward

As I wind down from my latest book, finishing it, in fact, I have been working on the podcast behind the scenes. I’ve been discussing avenues and how to continue forward with more experienced podcasters so that I can do this project best, though I’m still very new in this area of entertainment to bring to listeners a better quality of episodes and possibly more frequent episodes.

I have learned several things that I wish I had known sooner, but learning earlier than later is always best, so that product is of high quality for listeners. I absolutely have loved doing this and will continue doing it, but a path forward will be more clear for listeners.

Change Updated

  • Audio quality improved.
  • The days/topics of each episode have been organized and fitted into a schedule. I have done this into a recording, editing, and release schedule. That also keeps flexibility for me to continue writing fiction and deal with my daily life.
  • The format of the episodes has been updated and will reflect this in future episodes.
  • YouTube… I will not be posting every episode on YouTube, just highlights reels. YouTube shadow bans the style of video I’ve been producing. (Still, unmoving images overlay with audio). Videos will be posted on Patreon as soon as I get them organized. I will need a small fee to help cover production costs and help me be able to do more things.
  • Patreon will also give you episodes that are ad-free. Spotify places ads and eventually, if I did what I am already on YouTube, I would need this to cover costs, but I wouldn’t always have control over the ads and Patreon makes the most sense to fix both problems.
  • Patreon will give others an avenue to support the podcast.
  • The podcast will be available on the website. If you haven’t noticed this yet, it has been the first public change I’ve made.

I shared all of this to keep you, the readers and you, the listeners, updated on what is going on. I could’ve kept this information to myself, but you are important to the process for me.

Posting Schedule

  • Thursdays – Mysteries/Crimes/Person Spotlights
  • Fridays – Guests/Writing Related/Odd Stories
  • Saturdays – Monsters/Urban Legends/Cryptids

As of right now, I’ve only been posting once a week, usually on a Friday. This schedule should be something I can do. Next week this should go into the works. So Thursday will have something different from Friday and Saturday. If I’m going to be taken seriously, I have to show it. I hope that all of you enjoy what I’ll be bringing forth.

For those worrying about me over-working myself. Don’t be. I work every day anyway. This gives each day more of a goal to hit and will help me on many personal fronts. I’m a list maker. I wake up every day giving myself five things to do that day. If I can accomplish one or two of my goals, I feel I’ve had a good day.