Content Ghosted: Where’s the content?

For over a decade, I began suffering from something that doctors couldn’t give me a name for. It started with an injury that turned into sciatica, but when everything seemed to settle into a knee of mine doctors did not know what to tell me.

I got a lot of answers in their attempts to help me, but it never really helped. So for the past decade time to time, I would have random issues, always the same, but it was scary. I would never know what I did or didn’t do to cause these things to appear. It created great anxiety.

I now know what it is I’ve been struggling with for years. With a name, I have given me the keys to what I can and cannot do, what causes it, and what I had been doing all these years that triggers it. As soon as I began doing what was suggested on every level, I began getting better. Hopefully, I can manage it better now. I spent over a week dealing with it and now I’m in the recovery phase.

So there, that is why content has not been going up. I’ve been dealing with medical issues.

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