Behind the Book: Ascending Decent

The last book was the rounding out of the series. As the world begins in Maxwell Demon it shall end, almost literally, in the last book. I knew early on how the series would end but wasn’t sure how I was going to write it. It’s heavily influenced by Revelations, but with my own twist as the series has been a historical retelling of a lot of different subjects.

Adele now having accepted fully she is Lilith appears in her closest form to the original life she ever had. She reunites with long-lost loved ones to do one last battle for all of mankind.

I wanted her back. Her story in the series was never finished. She and Maxwell weren’t finished. Years ago, to a small group of fellow writers, I shared the ending of the series to get their takes on it. I got a lot of that’s interesting and ‘wow’. Would bad news from them change the ending for me? No. I was still going to write it the way I wanted.

I have never been one to bow down to the pressures of others when it comes to telling stories. Every writer I’ve ever talked to has had someone at least once try to sway them away from an idea, I am no different. It’s part of why I love being a hybrid/independent writer as much as I do. I don’t have someone telling me what to write or how to write.

This is not the same as what editors do. They are heaven-sent in my eyes and I’m in awe of how they can take my work and make it better. Editing is required. I’m talking about other writers or people that are putting their noses in business they shouldn’t. If I did listen to them, I’d never would’ve written in the first place out of fear of their opinions. Who has time for that?