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After some serious thought, I have decided. The Dark Jottercast Podcast hasn’t grown the way I wished it would’ve, but that’s entirely my fault. This year has thrown a lot my way, from trouble with my health to other personal issues. I haven’t been able to keep up with the schedule I kept trying to keep.

With this decision, the series Pajama People Podcast that was a part of The Dark Jottercast will now step out on its own as a stand-alone podcast. We will continue reviewing movies in how we already have been. We have many episodes pre-recorded and being edited that will begin finding themselves in a new location.

We are working to cement Pajama People Podcast as its own podcast and not a series already. A Facebook Page has been started. As we work through migrating episodes, it will eventually have its own links for Spotify and Anchor. There is a lot of planning that is going on. This will also be a place for listeners to contact us and a single location you can bookmark to see when things are going up.

I, L. Bachman, am so grateful to have a co-host, J.K. Allen. She has been a game-changer. Episodes will continue to be recorded and uploaded for as long as the both of us want to continue doing them.

As far as episodes of Dark Jottercast episodes that are already public, they will be migrated back to my Youtube Channel. There will be an archive playlist of all the remaining episodes, that haven’t gone public, and current episodes.

All podcast links will be updated at www.lbachman.com under the podcasts’ page.

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