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Content Ghosted: Where’s the content?

For over a decade, I began suffering from something that doctors couldn’t give me a name for. It started with an injury that turned into sciatica, but when everything seemed to settle into a knee of mine doctors did not know what to tell me.

I got a lot of answers in their attempts to help me, but it never really helped. So for the past decade time to time, I would have random issues, always the same, but it was scary. I would never know what I did or didn’t do to cause these things to appear. It created great anxiety.

I now know what it is I’ve been struggling with for years. With a name, I have given me the keys to what I can and cannot do, what causes it, and what I had been doing all these years that triggers it. As soon as I began doing what was suggested on every level, I began getting better. Hopefully, I can manage it better now. I spent over a week dealing with it and now I’m in the recovery phase.

So there, that is why content has not been going up. I’ve been dealing with medical issues.

You May Have Missed It!

Last week I appeared at a Facebook book release for JE Taylor. I have been vocal about not wanting to give out work for free, but I made an exception just this one time. I gave out a newly polished copy of Human Ouija and gave a cover reveal for this.

The new cover for Human Ouija is the first of many covers I’ve been creating behind the scenes as part of a new project set I’ve been working on to give to you the readers and listeners that like to read short stories more!

Human Ouija was won by AC Adams

Contest Closed Now

Along with this cover reveal, I did a second one for Little Lunacies. If you take part in the Patreon, you would’ve seen the below reveal already.

Dark Jottercast – New Content Coming – Pajama People Podcast

We cover mysteries and true crime, writing and have guests, and even talk and research monsters and dark history, but even with all the podcast covers we still had one thing missing…horror movie reviews! With a wonderful co-host, JK Allen, twice a month we will do movie reviews.

If you caught her podcast episode, you know already that we needed an excuse to watch more horror, so why not watch and give our thoughts on them? Keeping with the funny conversation style of guest episodes, we will bring forward thoughts on horror and dig deeper.

These episodes will come with a spoiler tag in the title, so if you don’t want to have something we cover you may not have seen spoiled, keep your eyes peeled for this tag and skip.

These episodes will not replace any other episodes already going up three times a week, they’re a bonus! That means you get more content from Jottercast. They will also be available with the ever-growing content on the Patreon.

More Info on Dark Jottercast – Jottercast: A Path Forward