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Explanation of the All of my Every Things Title

If you’ve been reading up on this book here on the website you’ve probably noticed it has gone through some changes. From covers to content, I’ve tinkered. I wanted to share the experience on my website the best I could without revealing too much and spoiling everything for everyone. I have become aware, with some messaging me on social media, questions. Especially, about the title of the book.

“It shouldn’t be All of my Every Things, but All of my Everything!”

“The title doesn’t sound right.”

I did this purposefully. I like playing with words. Where it’s considered wrong or not by masses or individuals. I admit it, I love words so much sometimes I play around with them. This is one of those times.

I am aware that ‘everything’ refers to ideas or objects as a group. ‘Every thing’ draws attention to something individually. I can feel the eyes twitching now. Bare with me. Let me explain more. Though the book is a collection of poems within it there are individual poems.

I find it all very funny. I’m sure the title would’ve been better with All of my Every Little Thing or All of the Things, but I wanted to play with my words. As with many of the poems inside of it, they were moments of me almost playing with my emotions to get them out. I’m not sure if any of that helps. It’s not an editing error and it’s not like I’m aware of what the title is doing. I’m just a boring lady that plays with her work at times. Laughter helps ease the tension of work and life for me.

I recommend checking out the website Quora’s article: What is the difference between “everything” and “every thing”?  by John Geare. If you’re curious about what the big difference really is with some additional information.

If you’re interested in the above mention collection of poetry, it’s in pre-orders at the time this post goes live, but may already be out if you’re reading this later than July 2019. Click the link below to go to Amazon and purchase it!

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What’s Poetry To Me?

As a youth, I didn’t know that most of my writing was something, an arrow aimed toward a goal. It was simply something I did. Later, with education, I learned it was soothing. That the little stories were forms of ways of self-therapy. I wrote worlds where I was accepted and liked and within the places, I created I meant something. Poetry came into my life through school, but I didn’t really start forming what would be considered poems until after I had written oodles of stories, characters, and situations that were personality and life-changing.

I didn’t write poetry to ever show anyone. I knew I was scribbling and writing little lines of things, but it was inconsistent. I had been taught that poetry usually rhymed. Of course, I’m sure they taught more, but I only remember it rhyming. Some of what I wrote had words that went together like this, some didn’t. Some lines flowed in this style and others didn’t. This didn’t make it poetry to me until I learned about free verse poetry. A type of poetry that was free from the limitations of regular rhythm or rhyming. The gears moved and things clicked, I had been writing some poetry in this style and didn’t even know it. Oh, how one can grow!

Though, at times my poetry still had rhyming at times, most times and most of what has been selected for my first collection is freestyle. For poetry, it solved a problem I had. That issue being what I was doing. So often, over the years, I found myself inspired, but not enough for an entire story or novel, but a just enough ignited to ooze out some lines that were deeply meaningful personally. Poetry came to me as quick jots of emotional expression. They held my secrets. My lines meant something to me when I scribbled them, but often no one wouldn’t know.  They couldn’t decipher the code and my secrets could be held close even though they were in plain sight.

I believe poetry is something that can be incredibly personal but also hidden. I have come to appreciate how you can read a poem and find a meaning in it that makes it personal to you as well. A short beautiful little burst of expression.

If you’re interested in the above mention collection of poetry, it’s in pre-orders at the time this post goes live, but may already be out if you’re reading this later than July 25th, 2019. Click the link below to go to Amazon and purchase it!

Pre-ordering now open at Amazon

☆Pre-order Now!☆|All of My Every Things|Dark Poetry

Pre-ordering now open at Amazon


This is a collection of selected poetry written by Lynn Lesher, known as the author L Bachman covering a span of nineteen years. Considered incredibly personal works, Bachman is only known comfortable releasing her poetry into the world for others to enjoy. The subject matter varies and because of this, the hope is for the reader to take from the poetry something of their own, even if that is not what inspired the work originally by the poet.

Some poems, written in with an emotionally dark style, may be considered disturbing for some. Some poems were inspired by dark subject matter that includes, but not limited to domestic violence, grief, trauma bullying, death, and mortality. It also includes pieces that express, but not limited to strength, hope, and love.

The collection will go live August 20th, 2019! This is such an exciting time!

You’re Invited to an Exclusive @ The Raven Podcast with Jason LaVelle

In the furthering of All of my Every Things progressing you’re invited to a podcast hosted by Jason LaVelle! He will be reading an exclusive poem from the upcoming work that has not been released yet called Passages. He will be reading other poetry from other poets as well in this podcast.

The theme for this podcast is strength. So this poem of all of them fit best for him to read during this event. This poem, Passages, and some of the other poems in All of my Every Things were inspired by strength, strength of will, and overcoming the darkness.

This event is only on The Raven Facebook page. Saturday May 25th, 2019 at 7pm central 8pm est. This is going to be live!

Go to the event!

Update: All of my Every Things – The Process Continues w/Questions Answered

I have recently consulted someone in the industry about branding for this book. This is nothing new, especially when an author, myself in this case, is going into a project that is breaking new ground for them. I announced a cover already, poetry section breakdown, and all of that, but as I dig through poems I love some of them aren’t fitting with the pre-constructed formats so things are changing.

I wanted to share the journey of this project with everyone. Though I’ve shared some I haven’t shared some of the other details that take part during the process of creating a book. In my case, often times actually, when I’m still working on something I’m already figuring out the details. The imagery, the branding, a message if there is any, and all of that. It helps keeps me inspired and motivated. I also start booking media outlets to promote the work.

This part of the process is marketing and usually happens months before a release. It’s been going on for months. It’s given me time to also work on the final touches, add anything else, or change things. Often this background noise isn’t shared with the public. You, the public, usually see the final product and not the months of preparations or the mountains of drafts, paperwork, and all of that important stuff.

I should’ve done this sooner, before releasing things out, but I let my excitement for the projects misled me a touch. I also wasn’t sure who to contact or whom to talk to until more recently for more help.

I am sure some have questions, some have asked me things as well. So what happens now? First, I drink from my cup of cinnamon coffee because it’s 2:00 am and the insomnia is strong tonight. Second, I continue with the breakdown of changes and quick updates.

  • Cover possibly being changed one more time. The cover may be too heavy graphically and not focusing on the words. Which is something I want. I have to step back and re-evaluate the look instead of going with something pretty I must stick to my message, which is the words hold meaning. My words in this work are personal, emotional, and dark.
  • Formatting will be tweaked. It’s going to be adjusted to include more than four subcategory sections that divide the works in the collection.
  • Additional poetry will be added. The ones that wouldn’t have fit before because of formatting.
  • A narrowed down time of release has happened. This work will be published August 2019.
  • Arcs will be going out during the summertime for pre-reactions.