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Catching up w/Random Evolved’s Rebekah Pruitt

Bachman: We’ve known each other for a long, but much has changed in that time. What can you tell us that has changed for TBK in the past couple of years?

Pruitt: Well, the TBK name is being dropped in a few weeks to be replaced with our main company name, Random Evolved. Outside that, we are the same random people who will post about anything each day.

Bachman: Covid has changed the landscape of publishing, podcasting, and conventions. How have you adapted to the lockdowns and recording of podcasts?

Pruitt: The pandemic changed a lot for me in terms of everything. Last year was our first-year publishing books and damn, it was like being thrown to the wolves. We had plans to do book signings with a local author signed to us, but our local bookstore was destroyed by a tornado right after places started to close. It was a weird first year. As for podcasts, I like to record in person. The dynamic is so fun but last year that had to change.

Bachman: You became a publisher with Random Evolved. How has that been for you? Everything you expected or worse?

Pruitt: Not withstanding the happenings of the pandemic, I have loved everything about it. I learned how to format, design covers, come up with marketing campaigns. A lot of which we didn’t get a chance to use…yet. You can feel the excitement throughout our staff.

Bachman: You’ve built a successful empire, is there anything you’d wish you’d learned sooner or anything you wish you could’ve changed?

Pruitt: Not to let negative comments get to me. Also, it is a marathon and not a sprint.

Bachman: What made you want to even start ‘the buzzkill magazine’?

Pruitt: This story is the main reason why the name is completely changing. When I was in high school before the days of fast internet, I was an editor with my high school newspaper “The Canine Courier.” And outside the theater, journalism became my favorite time of the day. And it was not due to having those cool-colored MACs from the early 2000s. I wrote the entertainment section for the paper. And when I hated something, I called it ‘The Entertainment Buzz Kill’ and decided to run with that name. As I have aged, I realized the name just does not fit us anymore. We cover a wide variety of subjects and changing it to Random Evolved Magazine just makes sense.

Bachman: When did you know you wanted to strengthen by branching out into novel publishing, podcasting, and all that readers can enjoy at your website?

Pruitt: Podcasting just came naturally as I have a background in radio. As for everything else, it just felt like the right move.

Bachman: Is there anything you haven’t done yet and looked forward to doing or have been wanting to do?

Pruitt: Soon. I can’t give more details just yet. But soon.

Bachman: Anything currently you’d like to share with my readers?

Pruitt: We have some great titles coming out this summer. The release of The Book of Roland by James Master with all new content. So, if you read this the first time it dropped, this is a brand-new book. Unbreakable Mind by Bryan Tann and Kindra Sowder. Third eye by Cindy Johnson. A book of poetry from Chelsea Hays and so much more. A few surprises. Plus, a launch of the company that started last year. We try to do something new each day, that is why I chose the name Random Evolved.

TBK Magazine – Random Evolved – Website

The Buzzkill Magazine: New Series Introduced!

Over at The Buzzkill Magazine, I’ve got articles and will have more coming in the future. I have a new one coming out real soon, like any moment today. This one is special because it’s something new! After a short and sweet meeting with my boss man over there, I was greenlighted to start this new project of sorts. WTF Cryptos is what I’m going to be calling this sequence of articles featuring paranormal creatures and other paranormal things. The first one will cover tulpas.

The reason I wanted to do these articles is for interest purposes. I have become familiar, through researching for my own stories and novels, with a lot of things occult, supernatural, or paranormal and because of this time to time a fellow writer or curious person will message me to prod my brain to help them or answer questions. I don’t mind at all! This is part of why I wanted to do this, maybe someone that doesn’t know they can message me or were nervous too can benefit from what I’ll be doing over at Buzzkill Mag.

Check out my Buzzkill Magazine page here.

It’s Official – The Buzzkill Hired Me

It’s official now. It was official before, but now it’s become publically another block of cement in the foundation I’m building. I’ve been hired to be a staff writer for the awesomely weird The Buzzkill Magazine. Why they wanted me? Hopefully, it’s my talent, but it probably boils down to my weirdness. A weirdness I’ve embraced for years and been building relationships and a career on. You gotta be a bit weird to write horror or at least dark to come up with some of the things you do in that genre.

So now when not doing graphics or writing about demons, possessions, witches being burned (spoiler for a future work), and all the things I adore story writing about I’ll be submitting over there! I’m not sure what I’ll be writing, but I can assure you it’ll be dripping with all that has come to be expected of me!

Check out the article: L. Bachman, you’re here too? @ The Buzzkill Magazine. To read about my journey into becoming a staff writer for the first time and believe me it was surprising even to me!