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Go Indie Now: Life When A Publisher Closes


I knew I wanted to do this post but went blank on the topic to cover. I left what I wrote about up to Mr. Compton. Before you continue reading, know no details will be leaked as I know as much as everyone else. So, this isn’t some gossip tea-spilling post. With that now out of the way, I will go forth with some advice and hopefully help some people with this.

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Catoosa County Film Festival – What You Can Expect

I’ll be at the Catoosa County Film Festival selling not just books and stories, but also some unique one of a kind art. I am an artist along with a writer. In many cases, before doing a book cover for myself or for someone else I’ve sketched out an idea. Most times, these sketches are never seen and often don’t make it into a cover which makes them rare. This is a great way to also come and see my original ideas for book covers, icons, client work concepts, and other things that never made it to the public eye.

I announced that I would be bringing with me ‘Dreary Darlings’. These are a therapeutic purging for me. Characters born from a depression that lasted several days. All of these works that will be sold are originals and not reprints of artworks, concepts, or sketches. What does that boil down to? If you buy one, adopting it, and bringing it home you’ll be the owner of that work and only it. All the concepts and sketches are signed, labeled, numbered, and packaged for their protection.

I have shared some images on my social media accounts. Those images are not the only items that will be featured and brought along. This is a great chance to see what I toil away at away from my computer programs, work schedules, and clients in many cases. In due time, some items may be placed up for sale through my website, but visiting me December 1-3 at Catoosa County Film Festival in Ringgold, Georgia is a great way to meet me and talk about these things one on one if you’d like to know more.

I don’t make many public appearances so this will also be a great chance to meet me in person. 🙂

Check out the festival’s links:

Event Dates

8th, 9th, and 10th, I’ll be showing up for an event. 7pm est time is the event.

I’ll be doing some giveaways. I have a couple bookmarks that will find a new home. I’ll also be giving digital editions of Human Ouija and The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon. I also will be doing previews of The Blasphemer Series: Harvest, taking questions, and hopefully answering some things about Harvest, other projects going on, and even perhaps, if asked, details on what the bonus material in the Dawn of Blasphemy book that’s coming out near the end of the year.