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Content Ghosted: Where’s the content?

For over a decade, I began suffering from something that doctors couldn’t give me a name for. It started with an injury that turned into sciatica, but when everything seemed to settle into a knee of mine doctors did not know what to tell me. I got a lot of…

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The Titanic Kidnapping

Today we cover the kidnapping of two brothers, Michel Marcel and Edmond Roger. These brothers became known as the Titanic Orphans and were found to be not orphans at all, but parental kidnapping victims. Episode Here

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You May Have Missed It!

Last week I appeared at a Facebook book release for JE Taylor. I have been vocal about not wanting to give out work for free, but I made an exception just this one time. I gave out a newly polished copy of Human Ouija and gave a cover reveal for…

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