Author on Author Today!

Today is the day the live interviewing event of Rissa Blakeley happens right here on the website! A new page is up that holds the chatroom for the event. I will be interview her and hopefully some questions will be answered from avid fans seeking news.

After the event, the interview’s script will be posted for those that miss the event! So have no fear if you can’t make it you’ll at least get to see it afterwards.

I have several questions, but hopefully a few guests will have some of their own for this beloved romance writer.

Chatroom Location

Maxwell Demon Releases Giveaway!

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On August 7th, throughout the day many things will be given away before the event itself begins! During t time of 9-9:30pm beautifully crafted Fallen Angel necklaces will be given away as well as ebook editions of Maxwell Demon. The image attached shows not only these necklaces, but other items that will be given away throughout the day by me, L. Bachman, the writer of Maxwell Demon and the series to continue The Blasphemer Series.

Many items given away on this day are autographed! A special set of items will be given away as well of a notebook and postcard that reads ‘Book boyfriends are better when they’re paranormal’ and a single notebook that is autographed will go to one lucky winner that reads ‘Paranormal book boyfriends do it better’.Check out the image for a full list of prizes and locations to check out or join!

Before this big day you can also check out the following links:

Ask the Author:

L. Bachman’s Website:

L. Bachman’s Twitter:

Bachman’s Blasphemers Fanclub:

Mark Your Calendars – August 7th 2015

August 7th 2015, this is an important because the release of Maxwell Demon occurs! Pre-ordering will end and those that pre-ordered will be automatically sent on this day. To celebrate the release of this book into the interwebs I decided what’s better than and a party with everyone? Not only a party, but one where those that attend win prizes! I’ve invited some of my author buddies to join in and share with those that come a bit about themselves, their own works, and even giveaway things if they wanted. Guess what happened? Many things are going to be given away by my friends. There is no losing if you love books like I do!

Event Line-up

The time of the event is set to central timezone.

Guest Authors:
Michelle Rabe @ 6:00pm
– Giveaway let’s do a Kindle copy of Cast in Blood or Forged in Flame, Winner’s choice.
Brenda Tetreault @ 6:30pm
– Giving away an autographed bookmark and a kindle edition of ANY of her books!
Freya LeCrow @ 7:00pm
– It’ll be a surprise 😉
Jody Pardo @ 7:30pm
-Amazon’s GC’s and ebooks
A.s. Winchester @ 8:00pm
– Giving away a free signed copy of Terra: Genesis(newly released). 2 Ebook copies are going to be given away of this book as well!
Rissa Blakeley @ 8:30pm
– Doing a giveaway of prizes during her time.
L. Bachman @ 9:00pm
– Will be doing Paperback cover of Maxwell Demon reveal, giving away bookmarks and other goodies!! If winners are local, they get winnings in person!(Limited to Decatur area.)
Lindy Spencer @ 9:30pm
– Giving away a ebook copy of her book The Boomerang Effect.

If I wasn’t already involved I’d find a way to make it to this celebration! Join me and my friends in the release of Maxwell Demon.

Join here