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Pre-order: Crossroads in the Dark – Beyond the Borders

My short story The OWLS is in this collection and great news it’s up for pre-orders right now, currently it’s 99 cents what a deal! Check out the free sample below or buy from Amazon!


Crossroads in the Dark V: Beyond the Borders

A light in the darkness followed by a young boy. An infestation set to take over the warm Florida coastline. A robot that finds his inner strength. From a derelict ship with dark secrets to enlighten to a politically correct future to trouble for a team of scavengers, and weirdness along a country road… 

Welcome back to the Crossroads for a fifth volume. Beyond the Borders is a collection of volatile stories about fantasy, horror, and science-fiction from some of the best in independent writing. Every page is ready to be turned with anticipation for the next twist as your thoughts race with fear of what will come next. For these tales are pure heart-pumping entertainment and told by some of the most unique minds in the science-fiction world. 

Stories from: James Master, Bryan Tann, Nikki Collins-Mewha, S.L. Kerns, Donna Marie West, Joseph J. Madden, David H. Johnson, Brian G. Murray, Josh Matthews, Veronica Smith, Cindy Johnson, Kerry Alan Denney, Jeffrey G. Roberts, Edward Kenyon, Jeff Prebis, Carol Browne, David Solar, Frank Martin and L. Bachman.

All profits for this anthology will be sent to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital Network in hopes that one-day medical science will catch up to science-fiction and be able to cure childhood cancer and disease. 

You can also click this link to go to the page.

CRITD: Beyond the Borders – What’s so important about it?

It’s not just this book alone that is important, but the entire Crossroads in the Dark anthology series, that is. Why? They are charitable. This edition marks the fifth installment of the series and it’s raising money for St. Jude’s Hospital. All the work that goes on behind-the-scenes (cover services, formatting, editing, and any/all that goes into the production of publishing) are donated to help the cause, taking nothing from it.

This edition includes stories by: Jim Master, Kerry Alan Denney, Josh Matthews, Nikki Mewha, Veronica Smith, Lloyd Kerns, David H. Johnson, Joseph J. Madden, Edward Kenyon, Frank Martin, Brian G. Murray, Carol Browne, Jeffery G. Jeffrey G. Roberts, L. Bachman (that’s me!), Jeff Prebis, David Solar, & Donna Marie West. 

This title is coming soon.

CRITD: Beyond the Borders – What I submitted and what inspired O.W.L.S.

The next anthology in the Crossroads in the Dark series is coming soon. I submitted my story O.W.L.S., which is a sci-fi story. I’ve wanted to do something dealing with aliens for a long time but I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to, but I made it work.

This particular story revolves around a woman being torn between reality and her belief she’s losing her mind. It’s a short story. You will find yourself questioning just along with her. You may even feel for her if you’ve ever had similar things occur. I wrote this inspired by how many alien experiences mentioned owls, yes the bird, or seeing them. The large eyes of the bird mimic the same description of the large-eyed greys.

There are tons of theories that are on the internet, some connecting owls to aliens and then on to Atlantis. Some say aliens shapeshift into owls to watch over humans. Some even say it’s just the human mind becoming confused with what the being is experiencing, blurring the birds and the well-known description of greys. Whatever the case may be, I was instantly inspired when looking around the net and my own library researching for what I could do.

This title is coming soon.