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Giveaway Announcement: Signed Digital Edition of Maxwell Demon!

Rafflecopter will be hosting the giveaway that begins 5/28/2020 and ends 6/11/2020

Reading this during this time frame? Just curious what the raffle looks like and how to enter?

Go to the giveaway!

One winner will be randomly chosen and verified to be an authentic entry. What does that mean? If the winner is found to be a pirate or bot the draw will be null and void and another will be chosen at random by the author themselves.

The more you do the more you’re entered to win, but only one will be selected for the signed digital edition of The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon. You have the option to tweet a message once a day so you can enter many times, but only once a day!

Limited Free Digital Editions Available – Read For More Info (A Call to Reviewers)

As everyone knows, The Blasphemer Series has been picked up by the publisher, Three Furies Press. This is causing the books to be re-touched and re-released. An ARC (advanced reader copy) of the digital ebook is up for grabs on the website Booksprout.

This is a great way to find new books, be available for advanced reader copies of books before they release, and to review!

Copies are limited, so it’s important to grab your copy before they run out! Go to the page for The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon.

Besides the ARC for Maxwell Demon, you can also grab a limited supply of Little Lunacies, the anthology of my short stories! This collection released in paperback and digital editions Feb. 13th, 2020.

Go to the page for Little Lunacies.

Take note, the nature of these editions have been watermarked and are not for resale. If you see a watermarked edition, being sold, it is stolen from this offer!

Silver Dagger Book Tour Has Begun! You can enter to win an Amazon giftcard!

The title sums it up pretty well. The tour has launched today and you can enter to win a 20 dollar Amazon gift card!

Start the tour now!


Check out the mega post about my poetry book All of my Every Things and near the bottom you can enter to win the gift card! How exciting. 😀

While you’re at it, head on over to Amazon and grab yourself a copy of the poetry book, digitally, for only 99 cents or free with kindle unlimited!


To add to the fun happening Feb 13th, a rafflecopter has been created. 1 winner to win all the donated books! Check it out here. Throughout the event, Noon – 8pm central time, giveaways will be going on held individually by the authors themselves, so for many authors in the rafflecopter you may be able to have more than one chance to win a digital copy of a book!

Check out the party location on Facebook here

Here is a full list of prizes

PM Barnes – Digital copy of Viral Snow
L. Bachman – Digital copy of Human Ouija
Brenda Tetreault – Digital copy of The Witcher Legacy
Erin Maxwell – Digital copy of Broken Veil
Michelle Rabe – Digital copy of Cast in Blood
Rob Shepherd – Digital copy of The Grays Anatomy
Kindra Sowder – Audiobook of Follow the Ashes: Book 1 of the Executioner Trilogy

The event’s line-up

Noon – Erin Maxwell

1pm – Tj Weeks
2pm – Kindra Sowder
3pm – Rob Shepherd
4pm – L. Bachman
5pm – Michelle Rabe
6pm – Vampy’s Ramblings
7pm – Brenda Tetreault
8pm – Amy Alice

This event has paranormal, horror, and thriller authors involved! This event is being held by Bachman’s Blasphemer, the fan club on Facebook by L. Bachman. Please join if you’re a fan!

Pre-order the short story on Amazon for $1.25

Check out its Goodread Page

Maxwell Demon Releases Giveaway!

#maxwelldemonbook #maxwelldemon #bookrelease #giveaways #freebies #lbachman

On August 7th, throughout the day many things will be given away before the event itself begins! During t time of 9-9:30pm beautifully crafted Fallen Angel necklaces will be given away as well as ebook editions of Maxwell Demon. The image attached shows not only these necklaces, but other items that will be given away throughout the day by me, L. Bachman, the writer of Maxwell Demon and the series to continue The Blasphemer Series.

Many items given away on this day are autographed! A special set of items will be given away as well of a notebook and postcard that reads ‘Book boyfriends are better when they’re paranormal’ and a single notebook that is autographed will go to one lucky winner that reads ‘Paranormal book boyfriends do it better’.Check out the image for a full list of prizes and locations to check out or join!

Before this big day you can also check out the following links:

Ask the Author: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8368040.L_Bachman

L. Bachman’s Website:


L. Bachman’s Twitter:

Bachman’s Blasphemers Fanclub: