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The NaNoWriMo 20 Questions Tag!

I found this tag and wanted to take part so I’m doing did just that. It seems you’re supposed to be tagged for it, but I wasn’t, but the creator of this Sophie’s Corner. So she’s to be credited for my involvement despite not…

The Word: Writing Can Be Therapy…Truth!

I’ve said it many times before, too much perhaps, how writing began as a therapy for me. I came across a blog post that made many good points toward the subject of writing and therapy. I’ve never hidden that I have been in therapy,…

The Word: 4 Insights from My Writing Journey by Joshua Robertson

At nine years old, I walked home from school each day to hunch over my wooden desk and furiously write a horror story on the wide-ruled paper of a notepad. I included elements of friendship and love, mystery and adventure, and the haunting images…

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