Southern Fried Autopsies

Submissions Are Now Closed For This Edition
*Latest News*This edition of the SFA is live! Buy now and all proceeds go to Feeding America.  Buy on Amazon

Contributors for this edition are:

  • David O’Hanlon
  • Mirren Hogan
  • SL Kerns
  • John L. Davis
  • Veronica Smith
  • Thomas Vaughn
  • Kerry Alan Denney
  • Cindy Johnson
  • David Johnson
  • DC Phillips
  • TJ Weeks
  • Kris Weeks
  • Mark Slade
  • D. S. Roland
  • L. Bachman
  • P. Mattern
  • Donna Owens
  • Patricia Stover
  • Edd Sowder
  • ​Rollin Jewett
  • ​Olin Wish​

The goal of this anthology is to shout loud and proud that The South holds some of the best horror writers and authors. What’s unique about this project is that it will not only include a collection of shorts but also hold hand-picked dark poetry! We simply cannot limit an anthology of this nature to just short stories, though those are the main material that will be included, and dark poetry was accepted as well. 

We didn’t accept any stories that dealt with extreme erotica horror, pedophilia, rape, bestiality, and we wanted quality over quantity. Going into this project, we knew this wouldn’t be a book for children and the recommended readership age is 18 years and above. 

This is the first edition of what could very well end up being a series of works. Depending on the popularity of this project we’re hoping to do more in the future giving all income to raise money for charities.

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