Behind the Book: Ghosts

Ghosts is titled that way because of the phrase ‘ghosts from the past can haunt us’. This is true in real life and especially for the character Dante. The world of The Blasphemer Series grows even more in this book, and you see how it’s been influencing Dante. You see ptsd in a vivid way, Dante is dealing with it. As someone that has been diagnosed with cptsd I could only describe it in a way that made sense to me; a represented my own experience.

It is important to understand that people suffering from this are damaged, but also healing from their own history. It was important for me to tell his story and his ptsd. I’ve read too many books about strong people not being affected by the things they’ve gone through. I cannot write about the damage people struggle with and the weight of trying to heal, the struggle that healing is. Healing is hard. You will feel like you’re getting better only to be knocked back. You must be stubborn on a level to not give up on healing. Ghosts shows this to the best that I can describe and tell.

This book is the third installment of what was originally supposed to be five books. Somewhere near the end of writing Harvest and already having started Ghosts, I knew the books weren’t going to be five. The stories were meshing together as I wrote them because it made more sense to write them like this. More was put in this book than I had thought would. Some of the scenes weren’t supposed to happen until the fourth or even the fifth book, but as I worked it made more sense to place them sooner.

So much so that the fifth book died as the stories were getting told sooner. The world of the vampires and the werewolves was meant for later books but didn’t make sense anymore for them to be.

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