Upcoming Release News: Strange Bedfellows

I will genre-hop in the coming months with a new piece of work. I am known as a horror author, but sometimes I get inspired enough to dip the tip of a toe into something else.Often these projects are inspired by things I've gone through, something I've witnessed, or even things I did in the … Continue reading Upcoming Release News: Strange Bedfellows

More Coming to Audible

For Audible and audiobook fans, don't forget there are a couple of titles to enjoy! There are two more titles coming soon! You will hear author Bryan Tann's voice narrating the award-winning and best-selling short story Human Ouija, and the wonderful Sean Rhead will continue telling The Blasphemer Series with the title Harvest coming to … Continue reading More Coming to Audible

Breakdown Time: News/Announcements

I'm sure this year has been confusing for those that follow the website for updates. This post is for those to read what's going on and for those questions to be answered. If you read and still have questions, ask on this post here on the website, and I will do my best to answer … Continue reading Breakdown Time: News/Announcements

Many Titles Are 99 Cents

Finally, the re-designed covers and formats for Little Lunacies and the separated focused short stories have gone live on Amazon! As a thank you for your patience with these works and me, I've made the singled-out short stories 99 cents. They will remain this way. The collection of short stories known as Little Lunacies is … Continue reading Many Titles Are 99 Cents

Behind the Book: Blasphemer Prequels

I had originally planned to write two separate books. The first is with Adele telling the stories of Maxwell’s past and her many past lives. He's getting there in time to see her die or her never finding him. I wanted to tell the stories of his many battles and all that he went through … Continue reading Behind the Book: Blasphemer Prequels

Behind the Book: Ascending Decent

The last book was the rounding out of the series. As the world begins in Maxwell Demon it shall end, almost literally, in the last book. I knew early on how the series would end but wasn’t sure how I was going to write it. It’s heavily influenced by Revelations, but with my own twist … Continue reading Behind the Book: Ascending Decent

Behind the Book: Ghosts

Ghosts is titled that way because of the phrase ‘ghosts from the past can haunt us’. This is true in real life and especially for the character Dante. The world of The Blasphemer Series grows even more in this book, and you see how it’s been influencing Dante. You see ptsd in a vivid way, … Continue reading Behind the Book: Ghosts

Behind the Book: Harvest

I wanted to live up to the newfound success as a writer, especially one being a series writer. The Blasphemer Series was almost finished with Maxwell Demon. I knew I had more stories in me, I had already been working on them along with poems that had funny enough begun getting started up again in … Continue reading Behind the Book: Harvest