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Dark Poetry Submissions Open – Exit Device

I am not organizing this collection of poetry, just helping spread the word of this project for another. Some of you may be familiar with my work with Oliver Sheppard. Exit Device is his mastermind project. Project Details: Deadline: September 10th Submit to:exitdevicezine@gmail.com Words From Oliver: I hope to get…

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The Memoir Project Canceled

For those that have been following me on social media for some time you may have noticed me talking about a memoir I’ve struggled to write for years. This memoir is one that has been difficult for many reasons, the biggest reason being that it deals with some very personal…

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Interview with Janeal Falor

Bachman: You are best known for being a fantasy romance author with your Mine series, do you have any plans to change genres? Falor: For a few years, I’ve played around writing some sweet romances, but have never been serious about them. Mostly I’ve been practicing writing them and learning…

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CONTESTS with PRIZES & lots more wacky fun — and maybe some sexy stuff, too. Yeah, definitely some sexy stuff.Come join multiple award-winning author Kerry Alan Denney and Janet Fix, publisher at thewordverve, inc. Sunday May 23 right here online on Facebook to celebrate the 5/21/21 release of the new…

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Kerry Alan Denney Interview & New Release Information

Bachman: Your latest book is different than what readers know you for writing. How come the change? Denney: I was chomping at the bit to challenge myself to write a straight-up psychological thriller. It’s one of my favorite genres to read, in addition to the horror, scifi, and fantasy genres…

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