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NaNoWriMo 2019: We Have A Winner!

Today’s Word Count:

  • 1502
  • 1684

I wrote this morning getting the top count and after handling many things because of the upcoming holiday I wrote again and hit the second one today. Breaking up my writing sessions throughout this entire event has helped me many times. ‘Winner’ just means I hit the word count goal and not that the story is finished, The Saint Vampire surely isn’t done, but the ‘winner word count’ was hit and I’m proud of myself for hitting it!

NaNoWriMo 2019: Week 3

Hit Word Goals This Week:

  1. 300
  2. 2390
  3. 3755
  4. 1790
  5. 2856
  6. 860
  7. 2100

This pass week wasn’t as bad, continued pushing myself to get large word counts, and on some days I couldn’t. With the holiday coming up my mind was elsewhere, but competing with myself to get back to the grind wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I kept thinking to myself that I could do this.

I’m still giving myself the credit I usually wouldn’t have and taking pride in being able to ink out just a few lines. I’m taking my under a thousand word counts as progress, as I should and pushing away any negative thoughts. I’m doing good and I’m excited knowing that I’ll be done with the fifty thousand word count soon.

I’m not sure what my final week of writing will show be daily with the holiday getting closer and closer and I have a house to prepare and clean before family gets here, but I have help!

NaNoWriMo 2019: Week 2

Hit Word Goals This Week:

  1. 750
  2. 355
  3. 3600
  4. 4053
  5. 3528
  6. 2586
  7. 1240

Wanting to push myself to be stronger for week two I and fighting a cold that came back with revenge all I’ve done is nano writing and trying to get better before the holiday hits. I’m pretty proud of myself this week. There’s not much to update as far as the word count.

I am liking the way it keeps up with everything for me at the website. I am also liking the way my story is going. I can feel that this challenge is encouraging me more than making it feel like a competition against other writers to ‘get done first’.

My goal with this was to write daily and so far that is happening. I’m going back and fixing things, which I know is slowing me down, but the errors are bothering me when I try to push forward ignoring them.

NaNoWriMo 2019: Week 1

Hit Word Goals This Week:

  1. 1100
  2. 3000
  3. 8
  4. 500
  5. 500
  6. 606
  7. 3451

Above, you can see my word counts per day so far. The seventh being the count from today as I stopped. I can see looking at them my start was strong, but by the third day I was lucky to get anything done. Day three fell on my ‘mental health day’ (Read: I Took A Mental Health Day), but I’m still happy that I got even those eight words out. I got five hundred out two days and a row; I set myself a goal to hit in the least five hundred and hit the goal. Reflecting at my numbers I wanted to push myself today. I wanted to well than I had before.

So far, I’m doing well I think. I have seen that others are smashing their word counts. My going into this was a training/test of myself. I used to kill word counts with the best of them, but over time my everyday writing tapered off. I hope to finish my story with in the month, but if not I want to at least get back into a good habit of writing every day.

I believe a writer should write every day; I know they should. Blogging has helped me do this, but I want to get back to the powerhouse writer I once was.

I shared my spotify playlist I used today. I have a playlist that has always helped me focus while working.

Storytime: Beginning the Bullet Journal and Better Organizing

Because of my binge working like work schedule, I rarely get to adventure off into the world, but if I do, there’s a purpose for my leaving. Recently, I could get out and for the sole reason of finding a bullet journal and window shop organizational solutions since I’m developing an organizational issue.

My desk, usually highly cluttered, had been cleaned up over the weekend. I put everything in its place and could use the top of my desk for workspace for a change. Now here I sit three days later and the clutter fairy has visited. The usual suspects are where they’re usually found. Memo notes, a litter of notebooks, bits of garbage and litter, art supplies, and cold meds (I’m still not full steam, but working on it).

I then realized some things.

  • I’ve never really organized my office space.
  • I’ve never truly ‘claimed’ my office as a workspace (I’ll explain).
  • Man, I’m super disorganized!

I had a bigger office in the front of my house, but when my mother moved in with me I gave it to her for a bedroom and moved myself to a smaller storage room (literally a small storage room. It used to be a pantry). It’s serving its purpose, but when I moved I never really decorated or claimed it as ‘mine’. It has become the ‘hole’ the place I go to work and leave. I don’t enjoy it like I had enjoyed my office before.

My office space has requirements, things that have to be in it, and things I need for inspiration, and things I want. As of right now, everything is crammed together. One day I’ll address my office dislikes, perhaps I’ll blog about it, but knowing I couldn’t really deal with the bigger office issue, I wanted to address the organizational issue of my scheduler.

Using planners began when I was a young teenager in middle school when my school at the time provided them. It changed my entire world. I, for the first time, could see everything. It helped me feel more in control of my world. I abandoned agenda books for a short period in college for a palm pilot, but went back to planners after it broke. (Rest in peace now obsolete device that helped freshman in college me.)

All these years later to not have an agenda book would be pure madness. I have to keep my day-to-day tasks, my work schedule, meal plans to-do lists, reminders, holidays, birthdays, passwords, and all that I need to have within arm’s length. I have filled notebook after notebook, and agenda book after agenda book.

About a year ago I came across ‘bullet journals’ and fell in love with them. Yesterday, I began looking them up again after I survived a small memo note avalanche. I love the range of creativity that so many apply to their journals, but for me I’m very clear, concise, and minimalistic. I don’t clutter within my agendas. I want to get exactly where I need and see exactly what I want quickly.

The picture to the right is the bullet journal I grabbed and the labels I wanted to help me get to specific sections. I have also just now realized I’m organizing for my organizer and not sure how I feel about that other than finding it slightly funny. It could also be the fact I just woke up, began working on this blog, and see the extra pile I’ve now created to just to reduce the bigger pile before me. A world of organized chaos. The world of a writer. lol.

So, today’s goals:

  • Finish Today’s Blogs
  • Nano Write.
  • Begin Bullet Journal.
  • Working in Photoshop.
  • Start Morning Routine (it’s 1:25 am as I write this).
  • Deal with Daily To Do’s.
  • Take Snapshots.
  • Clean Desk
  • Do Other Cleaning
  • Work More.
  • Family Time.
  • Sleep (if my insomnia doesn’t act up).
  • Rinse.
  • Repeat.

Kind words to myself today: You got this!

An Art Post: My Dark Creations

Earlier today, after I gave my update about why I wasn’t active yesterday (Read: I Took a Mental Health Day). I wanted to see if I still had ‘it’. It being the good ol’ photoshop skills. This year was to be my year off from working for clients doing book covers and Burning Willow Press, but when Burning Willow Press announced closing its door (Read: Goodnight Sweet Burning Prince), I had to get back to work.

In a recent podcast (which hasn’t gone to live yet) I announced (basically) that I wasn’t ready to go back to graphical work for another publisher if they were to want to hire me (as of right now) but maybe in the future.

I also realized that earlier this year when my website changed and moved to WordPress I didn’t migrate my portfolio. With this most of my art hasn’t been up, in some form, here yet. So with that, I’ll be creating a section for my old cover art for all to see again.

I use the program Adobe Photoshop and my old copy of Paintshop Pro when creating. The above are all digital photo manipulations created strictly in Adobe Photoshop. I used images with free commercial use licenses from the public domain ‘free stock photos’ to bring them to life. I have watermarked them as I created the art.

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