Short Stories

Human Ouija [Included in Little Lunacies] | This short is an award-winning and bestselling horror story. In brief, it is the tale about a man that is suffering from survivor’s remorse after hearing the death of his wife over the phone and being unable to help her. On a mission to tell hear her voice one more time, tell her he loves her once again, and that he was sorry he begins down a slippery slope of an occult nature purchasing an ouija board. Ultimately, dabbling in such things leads him to trap a demon within.

The Painting of Martel [Included in Little Lunacies & Painted Mayhem] | Originally, The Painting of Martel was first published as a submission to the anthology called Painted Mayhem.

Just Underneath [Included in Little Lunacies]

A Farmhouse Haunting [Included in Little Lunacies]

The Gaze of Destruction [Included in Little Lunacies]

The Owls [Included in Little Lunacies]

A Man Named Sowder [Included in Little Lunacies]

The Clockwork Children [Included in Little Lunacies]

Mishnah: The Immortal Man [Included in Little Lunacies]

The Road [Included in The Horror Squad: Road Warriors]