The Blasphemer Series

Book One | Maxwell Demon

Maxwell, an angel who fell from Heaven for his part in the corruption of mankind, walks a plane of uncertainty on Earth. He was unwilling to fully accept his damnation, so he set out on a mission to save the soul of the woman he loves, Lilith. Now, more than a millennium has passed, and this is his last chance to save her and prove that no one’s soul is beyond redemption. 
From the gates of Heaven to the fires of Hell, he has traveled to save her. He is bound to her by his heart and he will face the ones he once called brothers to rescue her. He will complete this mission.

She is now known as Adele, with no remembrance of him, their love, her betrayal, and it is up to him to show her that her life is worth more than she could ever imagine. He rediscovers why he fell in love with her and along the way, wages war against Hell’s greatest demons to remind her.

Who will die? Who will live? 

Who is the real enemy?

Is one soul worth the world?


Book Two | Harvest

Dante’s life comprised living off of the royalties of commissioned art, and the occasional blackout from something undiagnosed. That is until his grandfather passes. Shortly after, he is approached by an apparent collector, who turns his word much darker than he ever believed. He finds he is not merely a painter, but so much more than that. He has a gift of sight beyond what is normal… and he is not the only one.

Briar, one of the chosen, gifted, receives a desperate message from a village in another mythical realm that something evil is attacking them. She is to be their only hope of survival. With the help of other supernatural beings, they must face an evil dark witch and her army of minions.

Imogene has been running away from her gift her entire life and drowns the sorrow of her past in bottles of alcohol. Now with her past coming back to face her once more, she has to pull from her inner strength to survive. 


The end has just begun in this exciting follow-up to Maxwell Demon.

Work in Progress Books [with brief descriptions]

Book Three | Ghosts — The world of Dante and gang change as it takes the reader deeper down the rabbit hole, showing what the inner works of vampire society, werewolves, and crypto-hunters are like. They go on a recruiting spree as the world changes for the worse after the events of book two. Harvest has left the world as they know it torn with realm rips not closing. Dante sees the events of the future, a gift he does not have as the Seer of the Past.

Book Fourth | Ascending Descend — The series concludes.

Prequel Novel | Stories from The Blasphemer.

A Brief History of The Blasphemer Series is coming soon.

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