At a young age, L. Bachman started creating stories and art. This form of expression led to becoming a published author with the stories Maxwell DemonHuman Ouija, and Harvest. She has also been included in several anthologies. In March 2016, her short story, The Painting of Martel, was included in the anthology Painted Mayhem. Following its release, she was once more included in an anthology, And the World Will Burn: A Dystopian Anthology, with her work The Gaze of Destruction.

She will once again be included in a December 2016 anthology called Crossroads in the Dark II: Urban Legends with a short story, A Farmhouse Haunting. Bachman first gained attention in the independent publishing community with her cover design of the collection entitled Murder, Mayhem, Monsters, and Mistletoe: An Anthology. This led to her working with several authors, including Lindy Spencer and Rae Ford. Following her work on the anthology, she wrote The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon in January 2015. It was nominated for Indie Book of 2016 by Metamorph Publishing, along with her best-selling short Human Ouija. Her graphic arts provided the beginnings of her portfolio. Testimonials from her clients can be seen on her graphic design website, Bachman Designs.

When she is not working in the graphics arts sector of the independent publishing industry, she works for the publishing house Burning Willow Press, LLC. They took notice of her portfolio after she provided graphic design for author Kindra Sowder, CEO of Burning Willow Press. L. Bachman now is a full-time staff member working in the graphics department of the publishing house doing promotional media… videos, promotional materials, and cover design. Through her work with Burning Willow Press, she’s provided materials for the likes of Kerry Alan Denny, SL Perrine,  and James Master. She continues to work independently with her own clients, having plans to continue her independent writing. 

After the passing of her father in April 2016, she dedicated The Blasphemer Series: Harvest to him, dubbing him one of her biggest supporters, if not her biggest fan. In honor of him, she continues to do charitable work and supports active duty military personnel. Her submission to the anthology Painted Mayhem raised money for military personnel suffering and living with PTSD. This also led to her donating some of her work to “Authors Supporting Our Troops”, an event held by author Armand Rosamilia that sends copies of books to active duty military. Between her publishing and her graphic arts work, she has been a featured guest for many book releases held by other authors, interviewed multiple times by blogs, featured on many podcasts, such as “Unfleshed” with TJ Weeks in September 2015, and has been a returning guest on “Armcast” with Armand Rosamilia and “The Darkness Dwells”, just to name a few. 

She continues to write from her home in Northern Alabama where she lives with her husband, the poet and writer DS Roland, their son, Damien, and one very judgmental rescued elderly cat named Mouse. Bachman continues to educate authors interested in improving their writing and marketing skills, as well as, holding onto her mission of empowerment, inspiration, and aid to young writers.

In 2017 she became a staff writer for The Buzzkill Magazine. She’s also has became a Gemmell Ravenheart Award nominee for her graphic work and came in second place in Critters Writers for graphics. Also in this year,  it was announced that L. Bachman, along with others, had won the awards from “Author’s Excellence Awards”. It gained her a specific award in the horror genre category for her bestselling story Human Ouija.

Later in 2017, she signed to Burning Willow Press, and continued working for and with them until they closed in 2019. After this, she signed to Dark Books Press and Three Furies Press to continue working on publishing her stories.

The release of her first non-fiction poetry book All of My Every Things, in 2019, marked a change in her career as she stepped forward proving she’s more than ‘just a horror author’ diversifying herself and her work.