Behind the Book: Blasphemer Prequels

I had originally planned to write two separate books. The first is with Adele telling the stories of Maxwell’s past and her many past lives. He’s getting there in time to see her die or her never finding him. I wanted to tell the stories of his many battles and all that he went through roaming the world. The second being a book about how they met, what heaven was like, and The Clash of Angels in more depth.

Some of these things made their way into the series themselves, but there is much I wanted to write. Human Ouija was originally sold as a ‘blasphemer branch book’ because of this. It is a side story connected to the world of the series, but not to the characters in it. This award-winning short story is connected to books three, Harvest, and four, Ghosts, of the series because of Briar Bishop.

The prequels are the stories that I needed to tell to add to the lore and depth of the series. It’s also my way of keeping my world on those originally announced two separate books.

Maxwell in his angelic form, who doesn’t want that? An innocent Lilith, yes, please!

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