About The Veil

The Veil is a series of articles covering a wide-range of topics from the paranormal to the unexplained.

The Veil began life at TBK Magazine under the title of ‘WTF Cryptos’ by L. Bachman, covering the pseudoscience known as Cryptozoology or the study of cryptids. Though these articles were not written to prove or disprove the existence of such creatures, they did and continue to be written with the goals of educating on specified topics with as many details, facts, and information that can be gathered. This was in 2019 and prior.

The articles do not reflect personal beliefs, but merely to cover interesting topics that the writer or writers select to cover.

As of 2021, The Veil strengthened with a re-branding and expansion of subjects such as myths, folklore, odd coincidences, mysteries, the odd, and the bizarre of the world.