My Books

Book Series
The Blasphemer Series – A modern urban dark fantasy/horror/thriller series that twists and entraps multiple genres into the world of angels, demons, vampires, and more. The world changes throughout the series starting with the book Maxwell Demon and ending with the book Ascend.

  • Book 1 – Maxwell Demon [Republishing in May 2020]
  • Book 2 – Harvest [Republishing in 2021]
  • Book 3 – Ghosts [In Progress]
  • Book 4 – Descend [In Progress]
  • Book 5 – Ascend [In Progress]

Short Stories

  • Human Ouija [Included in Little Lunacies]
  • The Painting of Martel [Included in Little Lunacies]
  • Just Underneath [Included in Little Lunacies]
  • A Farmhouse Haunting [Included in Little Lunacies]
  • The Gaze of Destruction [Included in Little Lunacies]
  • The Owls [Included in Little Lunacies]
  • A Man Named Sowder [Included in Little Lunacies]
  • The Clockwork Children [Included in Little Lunacies]
  • Mishnah: The Immortal Man [Included in Little Lunacies]

Anthology Inclusions


Out of Print

  • And the World Will Burn [Currently Out of Print]
  • Crossroads in the Dark II [Currently Out of Print]
  • Crossroads in the Dark III [Currently Out of Print]
  • Crossroads in the Dark IV [Currently Out of Print]
  • Southern Fried Autopsies [Currently Out of Print]