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Tag: 2015

Guest Poster: Rissa Blakeley

Hello Blasphemers! Ms. Bachman was kind enough to allow me to post to her blog. So thank you for having me. My name is Rissa Blakeley and I write Post-Apocalypse […]

Shirts from Author Lindy Spencer

Author Lindy Spencer has several shirts up for purchase. The latest is the one in the image shared here. Links: Too Pretty For Prison Yes, I am the AUTHOR AuthorStalker

Blogger to Blogger: Preston Leigh

Bachman: As a blogger, what is the main goal of your blog? Leigh: I wanted to create a place for the fans to get to know their favorite indie author […]

November Updates

I’ve decided for this month and the month of December to take a quiet rest from my internet presence. I’m going to use this time to catch up on any […]

Interview with TJ Weeks

First, let me thank you for sparing the time to answer these questions. I ask, to accompany them an image or two. Bachman: I usually start in some way with […]

Interview with Kindra Sowder

Bachman: When did you realize you were a writer? Sowder: Well, I wrote my first story when I was 12, but didn’t really get into writing till I was 15. […]

Harvest New Book Trailer

The new book’s trailer has arrived! Announcing a more indepth look inside the pages of this story. Check out my Youtube Channel.

Maxwell Demon New Book Trailer

The new trailer for Maxwell Demon is out. I had never been completely happy with the original, so I trashed it and made a new one since I was already […]

Spinne the Spider: For Sale

The book Spinne the Spider’s Big City Adventure is for sale. I created the cover for this. This is the first book for children by MaeMae Spencer and it’s getting […]

Interview: Rob Shepherd

Bachman: When did you know you were a writer, when you caught the infectious bug? Shepherd: I guess I have always had the bug, I was always infected but didn’t […]

Interview: Stanhope Books Publisher

Bachman: Being a publisher is a very important part of the industry, whether traditional or independent, when did you know that this was what you wanted to do? Bonson: A […]

Unfleshed Podcast

Got to be a guest on the Unfleshed Podcast. Had a blast, spilled some spoilers of Maxwell Demon, The Blasphemer Series, and had a great chat about the future of […]

Interview: Lawayne Orlando Childrey

Every once and awhile I come across a person that I admire whether it’s their work ethics, talents, or something else. In this case, this person fell into the ‘something […]

Reviews Have Changed

I have changed the page for reviews. Instead of everything being on this website it will from now connect you to my Amazon reviews. This is easier for me than […]