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Breakdown Time: News/Announcements

I’m sure this year has been confusing for those that follow the website for updates. This post is for those to read what’s going on and for those questions to be answered. If you read and still have questions, ask on this post here on the website, and I will do my best to answer them.

When’s the next installment of The Blasphemer Series coming out?

The third book, Ghosts, was released early this summer. The next is scheduled to release next year. I am currently writing it. This book is the final installment. I am also working on a fifth addition to the series, but it’s more of a prequel to the series.

After I began writing Ghosts, I realized the previously announced five books for the series weren’t going to work out. The stories were becoming too difficult for me to write without explaining things that were to be in the ‘last two books’. After a conversation with my publisher on the best approach for the finishing of the series, it was agreed upon and decided that it would be a four-book series with a prequel that will contain some stories. This feels more ‘right’ for the series.

Is there going to be another series coming out?

Currently, I do not have another series planned. I do have other stories planned. Some have not begun and some are in progress. I am being careful of what I’m talking about so far with these works. I have mentioned that one of them differs from anything I’ve written or would/will be published to date. It is a new genre for me and I am excited for the time I can more openly talk about this project.

What’s coming?

More Pajama People Podcast episodes. After the live event that took place last Friday, we will be releasing more episodes. This comes on the heels of me shutting down the Dark Jottercast.

Editing audio, for me, is a slow task that is very intense as I want it to be just right before the episode releases. Dark Jottercast, as of right now, is gone. Episodes are being migrated to the Youtube channel for archiving like much of my older work has been.

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the Youtube channel. I enjoy recording podcast episodes, but as the Pajama People Podcast isn’t wholly on my shoulders, Julia being an amazing co-host is helping me get these out, recorded, and all that goes on in post and pre-production.

I’m confused. What’s been going on?

I have to adjust things for myself several times a year as my day-to-day schedule can change on a dime because of my life and my health. I also am realistic when things are not working out and I am fully to blame for these things.

In order to make things work, I prioritize the important things, pushing things to the back and rearranging my scheduling. While I still have to think about a few things when I decide what to do, I’ll make an announcement here about what will be changing, if anything at all.

I’m a big dreamer and have big goals for myself in the next 5 to 10 years. I just hope all of you will continue along this ride with me.

Poetry Month Sales

Last year I challenged myself to create a new poem every day for the month of April for Napowrimo. This year there are no challenges, but there are sales! Both poetry books I have out are going to only be 99 cents on all retailers for the entire month.

This is not a normal poetry book. It is an exorcism of the soul. A poet will write about the highs and lows of their life in excruciating beautiful ways. Wrapping their pain with a ribbon to either be kept as a secret or presented. L. Bachman has gathered some of her most emotionally raw verses selected from a nineteen-year period of her life and is the first volume of complete non-fiction to date.

With bruised white knuckles, created by a humbled self-diagnosed battered and broken being on the road to healing and coping from a painful childhood. This is a display of work created to express personal struggles and surviving through periods of insomnia, moments of love, depression, anxiety, and healing.

Cover to cover you will read the inner workings of a reclusive introvert that has spent her lifetime trying to answer her own questions about who she is, what part she plays in life, and trying to heal from things she couldn’t. You will see into the mind of the woman known as L. Bachman through over thirty poems left up to the reader to interpret with an introduction by author KJ. Taylor.

Go to sales

Award-winning writer L. Bachman, author of the acclaimed Blasphemer series of horror novels, presents here, with Melankholia, a new triumph in dark poetry. Melankholia is Bachman’s second collection of dark verse. With this work, Bachman expands upon the brand of poetic gloom established in All of My Every Things, her first poetry collection which was released to widespread praise in 2019. The pages of Melankholia call forth a literary darkness that qualifies the collection for membership among the first ranks of the 21st century’s new dark poetry movement.

Drawing upon the styles of Dark Romanticism and Gothic Horror, and pulling from the traditions of weird horror fiction while employing a unique style of introspective lyricism, Bachman’s words both examine and balance the interplay between light and darkness, presenting to the reader a troubling ambiguity between psychological trauma and supernatural horror: In Bachman’s world, the pages of Melankholia reveal, darkness is always present, but light does not signify asylum from catastrophe, either: “Holding the sun / I found the light is frightening / Perhaps I will burn to ash.”Melankholia is a landmark new collection of dark poetry. At turns haunting and rich, the poems of the work leave enough room for the dim light of hope to seep in. Each poem tells a tale. Melankholia includes poetry from All of My Every Things, pieces created in 2020, and previously unpublished works from the past twenty years of her life.

Go to sales

Once you click a ‘go to sales’ link you’ll be presented with a landing page. Click the ‘buy now’ on that page and it will direct you to all the retailers of the ebook/digital editions of the above books. Click your preferred and find the sales there.

Major Website News

If you’re seeing this and haven’t noticed, let me update you about some changes happening and to come. I’ve decided to change the layout of the website, but I’m not stopping there. Going through my published posts I decided it was time to update many of them and organize many of them into better categories.

What does all that mean?

  • The Story-time series is getting refreshed and reformatted; more content coming.
  • Guest bloggers and interviews are being revamped. They’ll be a sub-category of The Word and being labeled as the Brief Words series. This will include the 15 for 15 Interviews.
  • The Veil is going to have new content. This series will be more active during Halloween.
  • Before the pandemic hit I was working on a speaking engagement, courses to be taught, and due to this the plan was to revamp much of The Word series. As no public grouping is allowed locally and currently due to social distancing I will simply revamp The Word series, re-organizing it, and making the content clearer for readers and writers seeking the posts as learnable content.
  • Blogger challenges and prompts will remain the same and organized the same.

It’s the middle of the night as I write this. Right now, the above mentioned is all I currently know I’ll be changing and updating. It’s enough to warrant and explanation as some blog posts will temporary disappear, posts will be re-written, re-formatted, and the look of the site is changing.

What’s the SFA Project?

“The goal of this anthology is to shout loud and proud that The South holds some of the best horror writers and authors. What’s unique about this project is that it will not only include a collection of shorts but also hold hand-picked dark poetry! We simply cannot limit an anthology of this nature to just short stories, though those are the main material that will be included.”
-The SFA Project page excerpt

Check out The SFA Project page for all the details. It also contains VITAL information if you may be interested in submitting your story for the review process and perhaps even inclusion.