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28 DoBR: Maxwell Demon by L. Bachman

This book is a shameless plug, but it’s a book. Maxwell Demon is the first book in my series The Blasphemer Series. The synopsis is merely the squishing down summarizing […]

Chapter Preview

The Blasphemer Series: Ghost Preview

Act I Chapter One Repercussions The smell of sweet flowers blowing in from the window gave way to iron-filled blood. Days that were once filled with the aroma of oil […]

Maxwell Demon is Live!

You can now buy Maxwell Demon from BWP and me.  The paperback is coming soon, last minute changes that were needed to delay this, but that’s the business sometimes there […]

Maxwell’s Transformation

This month, Maxwell Demon is going to be under the Burning Willow Press’ umbrella. What does this mean? The book has gone through three phases of re-edits. The story has […]

Fan Man Goodies!

Recently, I acquired a new reader and fan who is also creative! They made these little figures of Gabriel and Maxwell from The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon, it’s their rendition.

Fan Vid + Maxwell Demon

Here’s a indie writer fan’s video tribute to their favorite books. The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon is mentioned among them! Yay!

Paperback Released!

Many over the months has asked me about this. I wanted to wait for a special and personal item before releasing so that it could be added. Some had been […]

Paperback, Screamacon, & More

Paperback News I will be receiving the paperback edition tomorrow 9/3/2015 so that I can proof it. Once I approve it this long awaited product will be available for purchase! […]

Interview: Rae Ford's Website

Wonderful blogger and author Rae Ford and I sat down for an interview. She had some interesting questions she wanted to ask me! Check out the full interview here. I […]

Maxwell Demon Releases Giveaway!

#maxwelldemonbook #maxwelldemon #bookrelease #giveaways #freebies #lbachman On August 7th, throughout the day many things will be given away before the event itself begins! During t time of 9-9:30pm beautifully crafted […]

Maxwell Demon: Pre-order & Free Chapter

You can now pre-order Maxwell Demon! This assures you get yours auto-delivered the day of the launch! August 7th 2015 the book in ebook format will be going live! This […]

Maxwell Demon Synopsis

Official Synopsis: Enter into a world where magic exists among us, where Demons and Angels battle, where Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches have become allies, fighting alongside them. What side would […]