Upcoming Release News: Strange Bedfellows

I will genre-hop in the coming months with a new piece of work. I am known as a horror author, but sometimes I get inspired enough to dip the tip of a toe into something else.
Often these projects are inspired by things I’ve gone through, something I’ve witnessed, or even things I did in the past. You won’t always know that unless I specifically state it was from this or that.
The book I’ll be releasing will most likely not be alone in the genre. This book falls into drama and crime. Also inspired by actual events. Many things inspired Strange Bedfellows. The Satanic Panic was the biggest influence but the world I grew up in. The beauty of the south and the fanatical religious.
You will follow the main character through her life from the moment she returns to her hometown. The highs and lows of life can take a person, even if it’s into places she never expected to be. I had to do a lot of new research and could talk to experts in different fields to make sure I was working out things properly to tell the story as realistically as possible.
This work is also my return touching to a book I unpublished years ago, the genre that was in. That means there are spicy scenes throughout the book because of important events in the character’s life.
I was very much inspired after last July 2023. Being a woman in America has always been hard, but depending on where you live, what you look like, or being ‘the outsider’ even, it could be even harder to live. This is an important story for me to tell. I wanted to do right by this book and to those that may read it.
Along with this work, on my website, I will share personal stories that I placed in this book and more information on the major events that inspired the work, but that will come during the release. I also have a very special treat for everyone. I’ll be announcing that at some point down the road.

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