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Category: Misc

Content Poll :: Youtube

I’m trying to figure out what to do for next year’s content calendar. While doing this I found myself on my Youtube channel and realized how lacking it is, think […]

Restoration of Faith

On Facebook, I posted about a restoration of my faith. When I was a teenager I found my spiritual calling. I practiced, I was harmonious, and was eager to learn […]

The Word: The Importance of Beta Readers

Beta-readers are often considered some of the most important individuals in the writing business. They can provide some of the first impressions of a book as a reader before or […]

Learn Your Poets: Part 4

The month of April isn’t just about writing poems and taking part in Napowrimo. It is also about appreciating poetry from others and poets. I wanted to do a huge […]

Why I Blog and Will Continue

I wrote the title of this and then spent too much time clutching my hot chocolate and staring. I came across many WordPress blog posts that posed the question: why […]