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Category: The Word

Poetry-prompt-athon: Week Two

This week’s prompt/poem inspiration Week two has begun! Are you taking part? Think this may help you? Let me know in the comments!

My Writer’s Manifesto

Recently, I came across a post from about A Writer’s Manifesto and became inspired. I highly recommend everyone read it, not just writers and published authors. It reignited me […]

Prompt-a-palooza: Week Ten

This week’s prompt/writing starter Your character finds that they have entered a world in which they are believed to be the creator of everything. Not God, but godlike. Eventually, the […]

Prompt-a-palooza: Week Nine

This week’s prompt/writing starter Your main character works for a crew that goes in and cleans out old houses, for profit, before another group demolishes them. Do they find something […]

Prompt-a-palooza: Week Eight

This week’s prompt/writing starter Your character’s a hunter. After shooting a deer and tracking the trail of blood deep into the woods they’re confronted by the White Deer of the […]

The Word: 5 Things You May Experience Over Time

You’re published, you’ve been making the convention rounds, and things have started to change. Many fellow writers have made social media comments about family and friends treating them differently. Some […]

Prompt-a-palooza: Week Seven

This week’s prompt/writing starter Your character wakes to find a four faced being standing at the foot of their bed. Each face represents something different and each have a different […]

Prompt-a-palooza: Week Five

This week’s prompt/writing starter Your main character while traveling has ended up in an accident, whether by plane or ship, and lands on what is assumed to be a deserted […]

Prompt-a-palooza: Week Four

This week’s prompt/writing starter Your character knows they were used by the government for an experiment, but no one will believe you. They shrug you off as a conspiracy theories […]

Prompt-a-palooza: Week Three

This week’s prompt/writing starter You’re an American teenager heading toward school when you see a small dirty burlap sack hanging through the hole of a perfectly painted clean white picked […]