Character Interview: Maxwell/Maxziel

Character interview of Maxziel, Maxwell the Fallen Angel from The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon (book one) The Interviewer: How do you feel about your story being chronicled for mass readers to get a hold of and read? Maxwell: I think the story must be told. It’s an important endeavor to open your mind to a... Continue Reading →

Interview with TJ Weeks

First, let me thank you for sparing the time to answer these questions. I ask, to accompany them an image or two. Bachman: I usually start in some way with allowing the author to introduce themselves, asking what they’d say to those that may not know who they are, but at this point it’d be... Continue Reading →

Interview with Kindra Sowder

Bachman: When did you realize you were a writer? Sowder: Well, I wrote my first story when I was 12, but didn't really get into writing till I was 15. That was when I started the Executioner Trilogy. I've been writing ever since. Bachman: While running a publishing company, how do you find time to... Continue Reading →

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