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15 for 15 Interview: Brian G Murray

Bachman: Before the interview, I asked Brian to share a bit about himself for those reading about him for the first time. Here is what he had to say. Murray: […]

Arm Cast Podcast Episode 95

Got to hang out with Armand over at The Armcast Podcast recently, you can listen to it here. Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 95 – Bachman And Wilburn

Weekend Postings – Chessy Cat

Over the weekend, a new interview was posted that was conducted by Chessy over at her website. You can read the full interview here: Author L. Bachman

Blogger to Blogger: Preston Leigh

Bachman: As a blogger, what is the main goal of your blog? Leigh: I wanted to create a place for the fans to get to know their favorite indie author […]

Interview with TJ Weeks

First, let me thank you for sparing the time to answer these questions. I ask, to accompany them an image or two. Bachman: I usually start in some way with […]

Interview with Kindra Sowder

Bachman: When did you realize you were a writer? Sowder: Well, I wrote my first story when I was 12, but didn’t really get into writing till I was 15. […]

Interview: Stanhope Books Publisher

Bachman: Being a publisher is a very important part of the industry, whether traditional or independent, when did you know that this was what you wanted to do? Bonson: A […]

Unfleshed Podcast

Got to be a guest on the Unfleshed Podcast. Had a blast, spilled some spoilers of Maxwell Demon, The Blasphemer Series, and had a great chat about the future of […]

Interview: Lawayne Orlando Childrey

Every once and awhile I come across a person that I admire whether it’s their work ethics, talents, or something else. In this case, this person fell into the ‘something […]

Interview: Amy Alice

Bachman: As a newly published author, what’s something you’ve learned about the business that coming in you didn’t know previously? Alice: How hard it is to get the word out […]

Interview: Rae Ford's Website

Wonderful blogger and author Rae Ford and I sat down for an interview. She had some interesting questions she wanted to ask me! Check out the full interview here. I […]

Rare Interview: Kim Young

I was able to snag a very rare interview with Editor Kim Young! I had several questions and I had gathered more together to get the most from this opportunity. […]


Bachman: A little birdy told me that you debuted with the novel Under the Trees, what can you tell us about this novel, for those who don’t know? Maker: Under […]


Bachman: For those new to you and your books, do you have anything you’d like to say to them? Reynolds: If you like action, suspense, romance and great sex then […]


Bachman: I recently came across your YouTube channel, one of your videos really expressed something that I strongly feel many in self-publishing has gone through or are currently going through […]