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You’re Invited to an Exclusive @ The Raven Podcast with Jason LaVelle

In the furthering of All of my Every Things progressing you’re invited to a podcast hosted by Jason LaVelle! He will be reading an exclusive poem from the upcoming work that has not been released yet called Passages. He will be reading other poetry from other poets as well in this podcast.

The theme for this podcast is strength. So this poem of all of them fit best for him to read during this event. This poem, Passages, and some of the other poems in All of my Every Things were inspired by strength, strength of will, and overcoming the darkness.

This event is only on The Raven Facebook page. Saturday May 25th, 2019 at 7pm central 8pm est. This is going to be live!

Go to the event!

The Most Satisfying Read…

I haven’t really gotten to sit down with a cup of tea (I have not abandoned my beloved coffee I swear)and dig deep into a book in a long time. I haven’t gotten to finish a book in a single sitting in even a longer period of time, but I got to do just that after the mail carrier delivered to my door a second Christmas in the form of a package with a bunch of books!

I had shared a few of them I had gotten on my Instagram, but one among them was Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen was not shown. I had seen the movie like just about everyone I know, a massive hit with Winona Ryder
as Susanna Kaysen and Angelina Jolie as Lisa Rowe. I knew eventually I would want to read the book.

The book was fantastic. It included her real medical records with her borderline personality diagnoses and other paperwork from her two year stay at McLean Hospital. Kaysen mentions other notable former residence that include, but not limited to: Sylvia Plath and Ray Charles. I enjoyed the point-of-view of the book, directly from her unlike in the movie. You get to read more about what she went through not depicted in the film as well.

Lisa Rowe, in the book, was more devious to me. I suppose that was because the movie, though done well, gave more examples of her coldness and mischievousness. She lit a cigarette in a max security section of the hospital because the staff wasn’t letting them out quick enough. It sure worked! She also claimed to have made a person named Lisa Cody a ‘real addict’.

So much heartbreak throughout as you got to know about more of their lives, but what really struck me was the tales of Kaysen’s own descriptions and situations. She felt there were no bones in her hand, biting it to try and feel them. Even describing it as ‘ape-like’ while going through a dis-associative episode. This isn’t the case in the movie she merely mentioned in the beginning she didn’t have any in her hand.

Georgina was far more forward than I expected, but I loved it. I loved that Kaysen and Georgina remained friends after their stays at the hospital. I did want to know more about what happened to the other girls, but it’s understandable that wasn’t mentioned as this is a memoir and if the author didn’t know we wouldn’t either.

I plan on doing a full film and book comparison at another time.

28 DoBR: The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey

This is a darker entry and it’s a children’s book. I was looking up artist in the middle of the night some time back and came across Gorey. I love his style and he’s become one of my favorite artists. I had seen little gifs of his work that had come alive on the internet, but none of them credited the artist. It was after I found out about Gorey that I connected the dots. The Gashlycrumb Tinies is a book he illustrated about the…well the journey each child had taken.


A new, small-format edition of one of Edward Gorey’s “dark masterpieces of surreal morality” (Vanity Fair): a witty, disquieting journey through the alphabet.

28 DoBR: Nocturnal by Wilder Poetry

I recently got this book, wanted to find some modern poetry, and here it is. I’ve got books on English poets and older works of poetry, but to see what was going on these days in the world of poetry I jumped into the deep end.

I learned about spoken word poetry and the poet Sarah Kay. This recommendation is not by Sarah Kay just explaining my journey to this beautiful work. As many of you know I work in graphic design often and I’m an artist so when I get the chance to find something that marries the two I get excited. This book is both of these things. It’s beautifully formatted and is a graphic sampler for the eyes.

I don’t know much of Wilder, but her work is beautiful as well as her Instagram account. She has a flow that bubbles from one platform over to others she really is a visual storyteller. I really could go on and on about this, but here check her Instagram out.


Nocturnal is a collection of words and imagery inspired by darkened skies and sleepless nights.
it is a journey of healing and self-discovery whether love stays or leaves. it is dreaming with your eyes wide open while the rest of the world is hiding.

and when they ask me,
are you afraid of the dark?
i will remind them that
there’s nothing to fear
when the night is a reason
we can see how honest
everything shines
while the rest of the world
is hiding.

28 DoBR: Life’s That Way by Jim Beaver

I’m a Supernatural fan…no I won’t tell if I’m Team Dean or Team Sam. That being said I knew I had seen ‘Bobby’ somewhere before, portrayed by actor Jim Beaver, so I did what everyone else does and began a search and that is how I found out he had wrote this book!

It’s a newsletter turned memoir of a heartbreaking true story of something Jim had gone through, watching his spouse dying of lung cancer. It is a tribute, in my eyes, to overcoming a saddening situation. I learned a lot about Jim Beaver I didn’t know before through this memoir and came out, in the end, having a newfound respect for him. I also got to ‘meet’ his wife through this read and let me say she’s one strong and courageous woman.


A remarkable memoir that shows the capacity of the human heart to heal after the challenge of having to say goodbye. 

Even the hardest lessons contain great gifts. 

Jim Beaver and his wife Cecily Adams appeared to have it all-following years of fertility treatments, they were finally parents and they were building their dream home and successful Hollywood careers. Life was good. But then their daughter, Maddie, was diagnosed as autistic. Weeks later, Cecily, a non-smoker, was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Sadly, after 14 years of marriage, Jim became a widower and a single dad. 

Faced with overwhelming grief, Jim reached out to family and friends by writing a nightly email-a habit he established when Cecily was first diagnosed. Initially a cathartic exercise for Jim, the prose became an unforgettable journey for his readers. Life’s That Way is a compilation of those profound, compelling emails.

28 Days of Recommendations

I decided for the month of February that I would suggest some recommendations. Long ago I ate books. Over the years, this appetite has slowed down but is still there. It’s a common question in interviews, ‘What do you read?’ I’ve answered many things over my career, some the same answer sometimes changing it up, but always having something.

So all month long, for February, every day there will be a new recommendation for a book I’ve actually read. You might be surprised to see some of the items listed and probably some very common finds. What does a horror writer read? Anything like everyone else!

Another note on these posts, I tell a bit about how the book came into my world, sharing a personal story with every post. The covers I post…I tried very hard to find covers that are either the exact same of the copy I have or something similar. This begs the question, why not just take a picture of your own copy? I am not the best photographer, check any social media of mine, and I wanted something very clear for this blog project.

February is a month that also recognizes Women in Horror. I have in some shape or form participated in this for the past several years. This is another project I have done for this month.

Check out these two Women in Horror Month activities:

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